Oh, my. These witnesses are apparently not going to provide the sound bulwark against the Evil Democrats’ Plot to steal the election from Donald Trump. First, that whack-a-mole in Philadelphia, who turned out to be a convicted sex offender who doesn’t even live there was laughingly exposed by people who knew him when they saw him on television. Now, we have yet another witness, the “star” witness, the USPS worker who signed an affidavit that he saw fraud — and he just recanted his testimony. Didn’t take him long, either.

The Pennsylvania fraud investigation seems to be coming apart at the seams, despite Rudy Giuliani’s best efforts. I believe that this particular conspiracy theory is the one where a Biden/Harris bus pulls up in front of a post office and walks in bags of ballots while walking out others. Or, it may be related to Hammer the supercomputer in the Deep State basement and Scorecard, the software that steals votes, who knows? Ask Steve Bannon, he would know. In any event, I wouldn’t look for Pennsylvania to claim a different election result any time soon.

And of course, living in the twin narratives of reality that we do, this won’t make it to Limbaugh or Fox News. All that will make it there are stories of the GOPers who are huffing and puffing and by God, they’re going to blow Joe Biden’s White House down.

Joe Biden will be president at one minute after noon on January 20, 2021. And they know it. But it will be comical watching the house of cards fall down.


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  1. Giuliani is as corrupt as Trump. As Mayor of NYC, he was already spinning his tales to suit whatever he was up to at the moment.


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