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Trump scandals are like Russian nesting dolls — though instead of exquisitely painted balsa wood figurines, they’re basically sharting Furbies all the way down.

You may have read about the most recent mammoth Trump scandal (which was almost instantly overshadowed by today’s even mammother scandal, sadly) in which we learned that Jared Kushner was given a top security clearance over the objection of two career White House security specialists.

That’s awful, right?

Just wait.

Buried deep within NBC News’ report on Kushner’s security clearance was a little nugget of ugh about the guy who overruled the experts and granted Boy Wonder his secret decoder ring.

That official’s name is Carl Kline. He’s a Trump administration hire, and he’s a real piece of work.

Check this:

Kline is the subject of an October 2018 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint viewed by NBC News that was filed by Tricia Newbold, a current employee. Newbold has a rare form of dwarfism and the complaint alleges Kline discriminated against her because of her height.

Her complaint states that, in December 2017, Kline moved security files to a new location that was too high and out of her reach and told her, “You have people, have them get you the files you need; or you can ask me.”


And this …

In a letter to her family obtained by NBC News, Newbold described Kline’s behavior toward her as “aggressive,” involving “emotional and psychological abuse” starting in July 2017, a few months after he took over the office.

The letter also noted that Newbold was concerned about Kline’s “reckless security judgments.”

So not only is this “best person” whom Trump hired apparently a monster, he’s an incompetent and dangerous one at that.

And God only knows how many Carl Klines are currently embedded in the highest levels of government, eager to screw over employees and undermine the public’s best interests at Trump’s behest.

My guess? Lots.


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  1. Carl Kline, if you are a Christian, which I doubt, you should remember, “what you sow, you will reap.” It’s guaranteed.

  2. We, as Americans are sick & tired of being threatened and bullied and subjected to these as*h**es at every level of trumpets administration…

  3. Orange and his very best people are the greatest threat to our national security that I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’ve been around a while.


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