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I’ve read the damn thing twice now. And I’ve heard panelist after panelist opine on the importance, or lack thereof to the substance of the Devin Nunes memo that was released today. They go on and on (as did I in my diary) about the lack of substance and convoluted assertions in the memo. But in doing so, they’re missing the most important takeaway of all from the memo itself.

Here’s the 411. When you read the memo, you realize one simple thing. Trump, Nunes, and the rest of the wider GOP, including idiots like Rush Limbaugh and FOX News think that their voters and fans are fucking morons! This memo was constructed solely for their consumption, to gin up another feeding frenzy for Robert Mueller’s scalp. And what’s the best they could do? A garbled mishmash that reads like stereo instructions, and is just about as useful once you twig as to where the power switch is. 

Shep Smith and Chris Wallace over at FOX have already thrown in the towel in even trying to justify this blivet. The real fun is going to come from watching Sean “Fearless Flat Top” Hannity read sections of this thing and then try to explain in words of less than three syllables to his audience what the hell it means. More likely he’ll be like his Pompadour Poodle savior, skipping the dialogue in “Bloodsport” to get right to the fight sequences by just reading short phrases that paint Rosenstein and the FBI and Justice Department in as negative of a light as possible.

So there it is, the pearl in the middle of the oyster. Trump, Nunes and FOX think that their followers are so stupid that they don’t even have to say anything sensible to get them baying for blood. It’s like a 2 hour movie where all of the best scenes were in the damn trailer to get you to go and see it. And the sad part is, I’m guessing they’re right.

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  1. Nice going, Nunes. To think I used to support you when you went to Congress in 2003, the same year I moved to the Central Valley. Now you
    did something very stupid, and it is likely to back-fire.
    It’s good though, because of the bad moves of this administration will be etched in stone with evidence like this. It demonstrates the desperation of this POTUS to deflect every serious issue, as the fault of a previous administration, and show no accountability to the country as a whole.
    That you would support this faux leader does not do a lot for you. It shows a lack of courage to stand up for the people of this country before political expediency. if that does not make YOU unfit for your office, I don’t know what else would.
    I thought after two failed campaigns the repubs would actually be able to elect someone. Well, the wheels of the GOP have been wobbly for the last couple of decades, with the election of this President they are falling off.
    i am sure the Russians are having a ball watching the results of their efforts. No doubt news of the US are #1 on their ‘comedy channel’.


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