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Over the last five days, the nation has come to learn more about the shocking abuses of power that infuse the Trump presidency than the last three years combined. If anything, the pace accelerated today, with Barr and Pompeo directly implicated in the extortion of foreign powers, all to confuse the circumstances surrounding the corrupted 2016 election.

Why are top American officials traveling the globe enlisting foreign powers to scrape together innuendo concerning 2016? Well, if one asks Occam, he will likely say that the administration believes that the nation is about to learn the truth regarding Russian interference in 2016 and that plans are in the works to do the same in 2020. Best get “alternative facts” in place fast.

That part is speculation.

It is also beside the point.

The point here, for our purposes in this column, is to examine the pace of revelations, increasing momentum by the hour, as insiders feel freer to “leak” and get lost in the avalanche of leaks. It is possible that, until now, the people with information that could bring down the president feared retribution, lest they stick their necks out too far. Perhaps they didn’t have a Geiger counter to waive over their dinner. Now, those same people may see the recent zoo-break as the perfect time to unload what they know, hoping to avoid being fingered as part of conspiracy central.

Each Republican, elected and sidelined, has to know that everything is different now. Assumptions that seemed safe only two weeks ago are imperiled, or have already evaporated. One of those imperiled assumptions would be that the Republicans have their nominee for the 2020 election, and that Trump had the best shot (however weak) of hanging on to the White House.

But, everything is different now.

Democrats have informally tossed around the “Thanksgiving” date as their deadline, the date by which they want to end the investigation. Republicans may be looking at a different deadline, the point at which they’d be stuck with running a crippled, perhaps impeachment-worthy Trump, or a weak and compromised Pence, as their 2020 candidate, versus a date by which they could cobble together a Mitt Romney, 2.0, to run against whomever the Democrats nominate.

Without regard to how much they may deserve it, Republicans aren’t about to be shamed into giving up the White House to a more deserving party in 2020. In fact, many of them **COUGH** #MoscowMitch, may believe their very wealth and freedom depends upon retaining the White House. As the floodgates open, and evidence pours in, all following the same pattern, that Trump used his position as president to further his political chances at reelection, and possibly further his personal wealth, Republicans must be looking at the calendar. They have to be contemplating the requisite grace period they need leave themselves in order to draft a new nominee, the most “opposite-Trump-type” person left in the bowels of the Republican party.

#Jeff Flake 2020? George Will? Andrew Sullivan?

I am not saying that Republicans aren’t willing to stick with Trump as their nominee. It isn’t like they’d reject him out of principle. Additionally, against all odds, it worked once in 2016 – though we might be about to learn exactly “why” it worked.

I am saying that if evidence continues to emerge, evidence that will drive Trump’s approval ratings, and the Republican party’s ratings into the high 20s, meetings in sealed rooms, deep within the capitol, will evaluate the “point of no return,” and when the Republican senate need go to Trump and say “It’s over. Either resign with the best deal you can get, or we impeach you and move on to the next Fox fetish.”

Best guess at when such a date may come about? Ironically, my guess would be just a few weeks after Thanksgiving. Sometime in mid-December, allowing the Republicans – if needed – a new calendar year, the election year, 2020, to “rebrand” themselves as the “reform party.” A new year, a new party, a new beginning.

Hey, when it’s all you got …

Personally, I think the Republicans best move would be to nominate Elizabeth Warren themselves, in conjunction with the Democrats, ask her to “fix it,” and get back to them when done.

At least, that’s my advice to them, for what it’s worth. It is what I plan on doing to save the nation.


Peace, y’all * Oh, and I am hearing more and more on the electric TV that Trump intends to bring the country down with him, that he will destroy that which destroys him. Please know, you and I noted it here, first. I would love to think that our words are just being repeated. If you hear it, claim ownership of it. We were there long ago.


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  1. Well yeah. He seems hell bent on proving he didn’t meddle in 2016 that he’s going to piss all over 2020. And all the while adding obstruction conspiracy and fraudulent behavior.


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