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Just saw these tweets on Pam Keith’s twitter site, a Democrat who lost in the primaries for FL-18. They are seeking help with “curing” thousands of rejected absentee ballots. The gap between Gillum and Desantis votes has shrunk to 0.57% votes, but it needs to narrow further to 0.5% to trigger a recount. The Senate race is headed for a recount.

Some of the tweets from Pam Keith shown below have now been deleted, since they seem to have enough resources to get the job done tomorrow. So, the call for additional volunteers has been suspended.

Read the article in the link above to see some of the issues in Broward County, a Democratic bastion.

With a razor-thin margin separating Senate candidates Rick Scott and Bill Nelson, Broward County — a Democratic bastion — was still counting votes Wednesday night, with no idea how many are left.

“I can’t give you an exact number. I’m not sure. I’m really not sure,” Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes said a few hours earlier.

Broward election officials said repeatedly that they didn’t know how many mail-in ballots were still being counted.

Of the Broward ballots already counted, more than 24,000 people voted for a governor candidate but didn’t vote for a Senate candidate, according to county results released Wednesday evening. Some voters said that they don’t remember seeing the Senate race on their ballots or that they almost missed it.

New tweet from Pam Keith — they have enough volunteers for tomorrow. The Democratic ground game in action! Let’s bring it home.

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