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All too often, we say that Trump has reached a new low—only to find he does something even more outrageous just a day or mere hours later.

This morning may have marked one of those times. We thought that Trump sunk to a new low when he couldn’t be bothered to tell the leader of a hostile foreign power to stay the hell out of our elections. But this morning, Trump may have sunk lower than that. He saw fit to retweet one of the most notorious white nationalists on the tubes, Lauren Southern.

As part of the far-right meltdown over Facebook permanently ixnaying several right-wing trolls and racists, Trump saw fit to retweet this from Southern.

In so doing, Trump revealed he had few qualms about retweeting someone who has been one of the loudest proponents of “white genocide”—the idea behind the “You will not replace us!” chant. Twitter has been aghast this morning.

When you are president, a retweet is an endorsement. Anyone who wonders why we can’t just get over it, this is why. Anyone who wonders why many of us will not call Trump “Mr. President,” this is why. Anyone who wonders why we’re up in arms despite the economy supposedly doing well, this is why.

This retweet is yet more proof that nothing Trump does is worth it.

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  1. Twitter should ban Trump from tweeting. It is so disgraceful for an illegitimate president to tweet especially about what he wants to do or put people down. He does not know how to communicate properly face to face. He acts like a dictator but he is so delusional he doesn’t know what he is saying half the time. Get him out of office.


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