Definitely not a Sidney Powell lawsuit, but really raises some interesting questions about competency.

They’re asking the court to order the Secret Service (who aren’t before the court) to evict Joe Biden (who isn’t before the court) and Jill Biden (who isn’t before the court) from the Residence.

Seriously, these people need a no-kidding competency eval.

— Mike Dunford (@questauthority) January 22, 2021

NEW: The Texas lawyer fired for his role in the Capitol riot has filed an extensive lawsuit asking a federal judge to install Trump as president, dissolve Congress, and enjoin the FBI not to arrest him please. Me @Salon

— Roger Sollenberger (@SollenbergerRC) January 22, 2021

Texas attorney Paul Davis, who was fired earlier this month after posting several Instagram videos of himself on the front lines at the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, filed an impressively grandiose lawsuit in federal court on Monday, requesting that Congress disappear entirely and that nearly everyone who holds high office in the United States, along with Mark Zuckerberg, be barred from ever seeking election or voting again. He also asked the court to tell the Justice Department and FBI not to arrest him.

The complaint, filed in the Waco Division of the Western District of Texas by Davis and co-counsel Kellye SoRelle, a failed Republican candidate for state office, claims that every vote cast in the 2020 general election was illegal, and therefore that “entire 117th Congress is illegitimate.” Consequently, Davis argues, every action this Congress has taken, including impeaching former President Trump and certifying President Joe Biden’s victory, is “null and void.”


The suit then goes on to argue that procedural election changes adopted by the majority of states out of public health concerns have, unfortunately, voided every vote cast anywhere in the country.

For remedy, Davis asks the court to throw out the results of every federal election last year, shut down the legislative branch and (re)install Trump as the country’s sole legitimate elected official. He adds that the court “should rest assured that the relief requested in this lawsuit will not result in the destruction of democracy.” Which is reassuring.

Davis takes the additional bold step of asking the court to ban every sitting member of the House and Senate, all 50 governors and secretaries of state, the governor of Puerto Rico and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from ever holding elected office, voting, or publicly engaging in any political activity for all time.…

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  1. This is hilarious but unfortunately really sad that someone trained as a lawyer would present something so ridiculous and frightening too. The evidence is going to show that Trump and others committed treason against this country and should be tried and convicted in a court of law, whether convicted by the Senate or not. This is the most alarming thing to ever have happened in the US since the Civil War!

  2. Wow! Talk about injustice! This counterfeit president has sold his soul to satan and is hopeless. He’s done so much damage to the government, the people and obviously Himself. Now what he’s concerned about is the 1/4 million in pension he thinks he deserves. That’s a corporate mandate and many politicians feel the same. They made their millions and still want more!


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