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Welcome to the Political Sports Network post game wrap up from today’s playoff between the Democratic House Hammers, and the Republican Ten Penny Nails. Man, what a blowout today’s game was! The Democrats just kept pounding away, and the Nails just stood there like they were anchored in place. And now on to the highlights, or should I say lowlights.

Well, that was fun. The presentations for both sides are over with, and now it’s on to 16 hours of Senator questions for the two sides. But now that the dust is starting to settle, at least momentarily, let’s take a look back at some of the more notable moments on the last 6 days, and what some of it may mean going forward.

The Republican defense was pathetic. The GOP white shoe law firm of Cappuccino, Sukulow, and Dustbin were so underwhelming that it’s hard to actually remember anything they said to have something to talk about. By my rough count, they only used just over 15 of the 24 hours they had available to them. After 24 hours of meticulous and at times compelling presentation from the Democratic House managers, Trump’s defense team stayed away from the Democrats facts the way a cat stays on the other side of the street from the dog pound.

Instead, Trump’s defense sprayed so much shit on the walls of the Senate, the janitor is going to on strike for a raise. They spit up the same stale shit that they’ve been feeding to their bovine base since this whole thing started. And how effective has it been? Well, as ego driven as Trump is to be the center of attention, His Lowness pulled the plug with more than a half a day of presentation time to go. Did you notice that Sekulow asked for a 15 minute break, and once they got back, Cipollone wrapped in less than a half an hour?

McConnell’s hold on his caucus is weakening. After the events and revelations of this weekend, McConnell had planned a members only caucus meeting immediately following the end of the defense’s case. When the defense wrapped up early, McConnell pushed the time up. I get the feeling that both The $1 Store Caligula and McConnell are scared shitless. It was described the morning that McConnell was going to be whipping votes in the meeting. Actually, that’s John Cornyn’s job, if McConnell is getting personally involved, there’s a problem.

And better yet, the Democrats are feeding the beast. Last night Maine Senator Angus King, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats said that when the vote was held, he was confident that there would be a minimum of 10 GOP Senators who voted to call Bolton to testify. Could that possibly be true? Who gives a shit! The Democrats put it out there, and knowing Trump’s penchant for zoning in front of the boob tube, he knew it within minutes. With Trump’s rampant paranoia, he will totally freak out at the thought, and if Trump is insane, it’s going to be McConnell’s head Trump is tap dancing on.

The GOP is terrified of Bolton, and all they can do is to bluff.. Notice a couple of days ago when the Bolton story broke? Calgary Teddy Cruz ran screaming to the nearest microphone to threaten that if the Democrats insisted on calling Bolton, then the GOP would insist on hearing from Hunter Biden. In the GOP Lame Ass threat Hall of Fame, this one is in the middle of the floor, with a blue ribbon stuck to the glass. Wazzup with the trades all of a sudden, dumbass? If the Republicans want to call Hunter Biden. they don’t need to condition it on a goddamn thing, much less the Democrats calling Bolton in to eviscerate Trump from the witness stand. All Moscow Mitch has to do is to put a resolution on the floor to call Biden to testify, and if he gets 51 votes, in comes Biden. This is particularly pathetic because Cruz knows that McConnell doesn’t have the votes to call Biden, and he doesn’t want the votes to call Biden, it would turn the process into a circus, just what he’s trying to avoid.

The Democrats are winning the messaging war again. The Bolton revelation has put more wind in the Democrats sails. A brand new poll shows that the percentage of Americans who want witnesses in the Senate trial is up to 75%. Are you kidding me?!? 75% of Americans can’t decide that it should be Taco Tuesday instead of Taco Sunday.The problem for the GOP is that the higher that number climbs, the more Trump supporters are starting to vote for witnesses. Maybe they should stop giving the base wood by teasing Hunter Biden all of the time?

And the Democrats are rocking the messaging. Chuck Schumer said it again today from the podium. He said that “All the Democrats want is for all of the facts to come out, and that means calling people who were in the room. Who knows, maybe the testimony will show that Trump was absolute;y in the right. But why not call the witnesses What are the Republicans afraid of? This is exactly the kind of simple argument that resonates, especially after the last three days of watching the antics of Cappuccino, Sukulow, and Dustbin. The GOP is really in a box here.

But what next? Two days of questioning by Senators, via note to Chief Justice Roberts, to the case managers, alternating parties. This means more good times ahead, since the Democrats will use their questions to offer the case managers the opportunity to knock holes in the GOP’s pathetic presentation, especially that of dim bulb Dershowitz. And what kinds of questions are the GOP Senators supposed to ask? Umm, how many “r”s are there in Burisma? Or maybe, how does a guy get outta this fuckin’  chickenshit outfit? To ask an intelligent question requires intelligent subject matter, and of that there is none in the GOP defense toolbox.

S, there you have it. Two more 8 hour days of blah, blah, yadda, and then finally on to the main event this whole thing has been leading up to. Are there at least 4 GOP Senators who get their spines out of cold storage and vote for witnesses? Or is Trump’s hold complete? Don’t touch that dial.

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico
Drip , drip , drip , drip , drip , drip , and so on it goes . If Watergate were referred to as Plummer’s. This is Kipling’s “ it’s the tap boots , boots, boots, that make men mad , mad , mad. The leaks in the DAM , are now causing it to collapse of the “ DAM TRUMP “! The worlds biggest lier ( 16,000 ) and counting . And the Senate hasn’t said a word about his lie’s! The televangelists are very quiet , they’ve been trying to hear his lies , but they can’t hear… Read more »
chris whitley
chris whitley

Sounds like there is dissension in the ranks. I have said all along ain’t going trump take much for this all to go south or n trump. Maybe someone actually read Bolton’s book and found out it has more than they thought. Then again new evidence might be ready to drop that they can’t control from someone else.