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There have been many suggestions that Republicans were cooking up something for an October surprise. For a few weeks, it seemed like the GOP had its fall ticket—white men screaming about how horrible it is to be rich and privileged—but now that the Kavanaugh bump has turned out to be more of a Brett burp, Republicans have cooked up a new scheme. And it is literally every bug whack, batshit, numbnuts right-wing conspiracy rolled together and cemented with a thick paste of racism.

This time it’s not some inner cabal of pizza-hating goopers interpreting hidden signals from someone who stole a letter off of Sesame Street. This time it’s coming straight from the top.

That’s right. Democrats are leading a train of MS-13 killers straight out of Central American casting to overwhelm white America and murder-rape white people in their beds! And to stop it, there is only one possible solution.

Thank God that an absolutely illegal use of the military is still available to halt this imaginary invasion. Fascism: 100 percent effective against non-existent threats.

But if Trump is conducting this crazy train, he’s not alone. Because the NRCC is right there with him with an ad that manages to combine all of Trump’s racism with an extra dose of anti-Semitism while doubling down on the insanity.

Trump’s Caravan of Xenophobia was sponsored by … where else? Fox News, which spent the morning blasting The Only Viewer Who Counts with horror stories of a horde lumbering toward America like extras from a black and white zombie flick. Except definitely not white.

And then there’s the ad. The NRCC has packaged this one up especially for the congressional race in MN-01 but … it’s a universal story. A story that says “Yes, we will go full racist anti-Semitic asshole, abandoning every dog whistle for a bullhorn cranked up to eleven … because that’s all that we have left.”

What’s in the ad? Black athlete kneeling? Check. Jew handing out wads of cash? Check. And perhaps best of all “Left wing mobs paid to riot in the street.” It is an ad that flat out says George Soros is paying people to riot for … better health care. Because those Hebrews are tricky that way.

On this Thursday morning, this is really where America stands. Donald Trump is screaming that a caravan of brown-skinned murderers is approaching the southern border and he may have to call out the Army, while the NRCC claims that a wealthy Jew is paying for riots in the streets. They’re ludicrous accusations for anyone who so much as lifts their heads from Trump’s twitter feed long enough to notice all the not-burning-down America is currently engaged in. But the idea that a fact might penetrate their voting base seems like a low-level threat to Trump, Fox, and the NRCC.

It’s not like persecuting immigrant families applying for asylum is already opening the door for more drugs and real crime. Except it is.

How did the Republicans end up standing on racism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia as their closing argument in the election? Easy. It was their opening argument.

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