The NRA lost about $57,000,000 in revenue last year—Thoughts and Prayers

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A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the NRA was hurting so badly that their Fairfax, Virginia headquarters had cut out free coffee and water to their employees. Of course, we all sent out thoughts and prayers their way. According to Politico, their revenue dropped by about $57 million this past year.1

The gun-rights group posted an even steeper drop in membership dues, which fell 22 percent, or $35 million, to a five-year low, according to documents the NRA filed with the Internal Revenue Service this month.

The NRA has a lot on its plate these days.2 The blue wave that hit the country earlier this month wiped away some of their most well-funded Republican lackeys.3 They are clearly being investigated (to what degree no one exactly knows) for possibly being involved in foreign money-laundering, and possible treason.But don’t you worry, NRA official Andrew Arulanandam tells Politico.

“The NRA has approximately 5.5 million dues paying members today — the highest level ever in the history of our Association,” Arulanandam said in a written statement. “The historical fact is nobody has fought for and produced results in defending Second Amendment rights and American values like the NRA.”

The historical fact is? Sounds like Mr. Arulanandam is either copying and pasting a Donald Trump Jr. soliloquy or he’s just as much of a dunderhead. Here’s another historical fact.

Gun control groups outspent the National Rifle Association in the midterm elections, pouring more than $11m into congressional races as NRA spending dropped dramatically.
The majority of Americans want common sense gun safety laws. The NRA is afraid that any and all laws will reveal their con game, by making people less afraid of their neighbor.

1 Thoughts and prayers.

2 Prayers and thoughts.

3 We are thinking about praying for them.

4 We are praying about whether or not to think about them.

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True Patriot
True Patriot

What did they do with the Rubles Russia gave them? I guess they in turn, gave them to the GOP running for office so they can own them. Ask them to give it back. Hahaha


Maybe they now see being part of the solution is better than being part of the problem