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There is a pattern developing, that Melania Trump is destined to be not only the center of controversy but of conspiracy theory as well. The second conspiracy theory in the last month has Melania greatly concerned that Donald’s Diet Coke is being spiked by “spooks” who are slowly poisoning her husband. Gossip Cop:

This week, President Trump appeared to slur his words while giving a speech, leading the White House to announce he’ll soon undergo a medical exam. Because of that, YourNewsWire was apparently inspired to manufacture an article alleging the first lady believes her husband’s speech trouble is the result of poisoning. The story begins, “First Lady Melania Trump claims there is a secret poisoner in the White House and fears her husband is being slowly poisoned with ‘heavy sedatives’ smuggled into his drinks in an attempt to slow him down, control him, and discredit his presidency, according to reports.”

While “reports” are cited in that introductory sentence, no specific reports are actually named and Gossip Cop could find no reputable publications peddling such information. But the site insists, “While public debate rages about Donald Trump’s health, Melania has told friends and associates that the once robust and high energy man she knew and loved has been replaced with a ‘slower, damaged version.’” She is quoted as supposedly saying, “By 8 p.m. he is slurring. This is not the man I know.” Of course, the speech that received so much attention this week took place long before 8 p.m.

Still, the webloid goes on to claim Melania believes that a tap in the White House that provides the president Coca-Cola has been contaminated, leading her to supposedly insist “he stop drinking from the tap and instead revert to drinking from cans she brings herself” among “fears the active campaign to poison the president is ‘a high level operation.’” It’s further alleged she has been “warned” by “senior intelligence agency staff” that former president George W. Bush was “reduced to a ‘brain damaged’ state after years of steady poisoning.”

If only Donald Trump’s issues could be addressed by switching to canned Diet Coke. Would that it were that simple.

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