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There is still a segment of America out there that believes Trump’s public pronouncements–about African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, really anyone of different color or faith than himself—are some type of political invention,  an opportunistic, contrived pose to please the base of people who put him into office.

No. He’s a real, genuine, dyed-in-the-wool racist. The real deal.

Buried in this New York Times piece about how Trump has emboldened the white supremacist movement is an observation about Trump by his aides that explains when Trump is away from the cameras he’s just as much of a racist as he has sounded during this past week:

No word in the Trump lexicon is as tread-worn as “unprecedented.” But members of the president’s staff, stunned and disheartened, said they never expected to hear such a voluble articulation of opinions that the president had long expressed in private.

In other words, Trump wakes up hating African Americans, Latinos, Jews and Muslims, and goes to bed hating African-Americans, Latinos, Jews and Muslims. When he goes to the bathroom or eats his Froot-Loops he’s thinking–and more than that, he’s talking—about how much he hates African- Americans, Latinos, Jews and Muslims.

He’s spouting so much bigotry at his aides in private that they’re embarrassed it’s all now being spilled out in public.  They thought it could be contained in their own little private sanctum. And that’s actually been their main, Herculean task these past six months. Keeping this ratfucking bastard under control so he doesn’t give away the farm on what a horrible scumbag he is in real life.

So now we know it’s no wonder he alludes to Black Lives Matter protesters as being the equivalent of neo-Nazis. It’s not because of Wormtongue Bannon, or mini-Goebbels Miller.  It’s because he believes African-Americans are all criminals by nature, dammit.  Of course he thinks all immigrants are murders and rapists. It’s what he believes. And of course he’s a hero to white supremacists.

It’s what he likes to talk about. We can only imagine his dinner conversation, his table talk, starting out with the N-word and going downhill from there. On the dubious assumption that Melania ever sleeps with him (yuck!),  I’m sure this is what he whispers into her ear before he nods off to dreamland on his overstuffed golden pillow.

As Josh Marshall observes, this should have been obvious to everyone from the get-go :

We can infer what stands behind a person’s public statements if we’ve seen them enough, under different pressures and in different contexts. Trump’s repeated expressions of sympathy for racist activists, refusals to denounce racist activists, coddling and appointments of racist activists can only really mean one thing: that he instinctively sympathizes with them and indeed is one. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 80 million times, I need to seriously consider what the fuck is wrong with me.

And Marshall points out, once you understand and accept this fact everything about Trump’s actions this week begins to fall into place:

We have if not a growing white supremacist movement in the US at least an increasingly vocal and emboldened one. They both made Trump possible and have in turn been energized and emboldened by his success. He reacts this way because he is one of them. He is driven by the same view of the world, the same animus and grievances. What we’ve seen over the last five days is sickening and awful. The house is on fire. But it was on fire a week ago. It’s been on fire since November. The truth is indeed unimaginable and terrifying. But we need to accept the full truth of it if we are going to be able to save our country.

The Times article simply confirms it. Settles it. 

Now let’s move on to getting him the Hell out of the People’s House.

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