Proposed new legislation in New York would force the release of President Donald Trump’s condition tax returns. The legislation — called the Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act, or the TRUMP Act — would mandate the state to publicly post online the condition tax returns of anyone elected in a state-wide election to government or state office, CNN reported.

It will apply to the president and the vice president. “The tax professionals I’ve spoken to think we’ll get a good overview of what’s on his government form,” said State Sen. Brad Hoylman (D), who sponsored the bill.

Another Bill presented by Hoylman would require those on a statewide poll in New york to discharge their federal tax returns.The president has declined to release his tax returns. During his strategy, he said he was under review and therefore could not release them during that process.

The IRS has said a review does not prevent someone from making his or her tax returns public.

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