The most shockingly hopeful thing I have ever heard:

The DOJ is investigating the Southern Baptist Convention!!!

It occurred to me that they had official probable cause after the Convention’s internal third-party report was released earlier this year, but then they didn’t seize the opportunity.  I was devastated, but not surprised because the crime and coverup was done to me and I am just now, at age 58, coming to terms with it and I will tell you that the helpless rage at the injustice of this common abuse is more than I can bear.

While other liberals have been bending over backward and jumping through hoops “to be fair to” and “to give the benefit of the doubt to” the new mashup of New York Slick Godfather to the cult of Ole Time Religion, I have felt unbearably unsafe in the presence of people from both sides of the aisle while losing the tiny amount of trust that I still had in our American system of government and law.

And just when I am literally losing my will to live, the government finally answers the Christian Nationalist cult leader’s question:  “What ya gonna do ’bout it?”  

You see from my perspective (as a religiously sexually tortured adult-child whose life was threatened and violently coerced to obviously lie under oath in front of a judge at age 10, but who nonetheless persisted in my resistance), my covert life’s mission, and at times covert to my own consciousness, became finding the answers to the following questions:

1.  Why is this happening to me?

2.  How can I make it stop?

My answer to those questions today are as follows:

This was and still is happening to me because of the power systems of Male Monotheism that were developed as a highly effective strategy for empire building several thousand years ago.  I clearly see that Male Monotheism is incompatible with the very idea of democracy.  

Male Monotheists claim frame dominance based on their “blind faith” in a SuperMan who lives outside our physical reality.  It is claimed that this SuperMan is the “King of Kings” and in case you hadn’t noticed the powers of a king are similar to the psychological pathology of a grifting narcissist or cult leader.  

Is it no surprise then that under systems of Male Monotheism, males are groomed to be grifting narcissist cult leaders, and while some see the toxic effects of this and resist, others embrace it and turn our society into a sadistic slave trade market instead of a supportive community of different but equally-righted individuals.  Under Male Monotheism, all females are forced to “willingly submit” to all males and are only allowed to succeed at anything if it is unpaid, “women’s work,” or we morally injure ourselves to prove our loyalty to the lie of male superiority first, and/or we become trusted groomers for Male Monotheism.  For example, my wealthy grandmother pinned me down under the bath water or with a pillow to the face at night until I was choking to shut up my resistance to religious sexual abuse and my other (male and female) family members delivered me up for this punishment with Biblical justification.  

Why are these crimes in need of Federal investigation?  Same reasons as the racial Civil Rights violations of the 1960s:  The local law enforcers are in on the crimes and/or coverups as a regular part of doing business.  That is how good ole boys keep things humming in vicious cycles of abuse.  That is what Republicans mean when they holler about States Rights.  

And that is why I find this new DOJ investigation so hopeful, because the answer to my second question is about exposing the lies of Male Monotheism.  The only way we as a country will ever truly find our way to a governmental frame dominance of the people, by the people, and for the people as opposed to grifting narcissists whose claims to the throne are based on some imaginary alien SuperMan who just happens to be commanding them to perform crimes against humanity that selfishly benefit themselves, is to expose the truth of the lie and do something about it. 

Has the DOJ finally figured that out too?  After Comey’s, Mueller’s, and Barr’s many “good Christian deeds” since 2015, I thought our democracy was circling the drain so hard it was past all return.  I honestly NEVER EVER thought I would be saying this but:


I will adjust my expectations accordingly.  Do not disappoint me again or I will take the laws that protect these perverts in positions of power into my own hands and shove them up your ass as I lose my will to live (says the sickly old white southern lady with no criminal record and nothing left to lose thanks to the Southern Baptists).  

Show me, don’t tell me, that you care. 

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