The Most Important Takeaway From Trump’s Tulsa Debacle

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive for Christmas Eve dinner at Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Stop being part of the fucking problem!   John McClain   Die Hard

I know, I promise this will be the last one. But in one way or another I’ve been pretty much living with and in the stunning Waterloo last night for Donald Trump in Tulsa, and it seems that the more I poke and prod, the more I uncover. And this particular revelation hit me like a ton of bricks.

As we get closer to the election, you’ll start to hear more and more about momentum, also known as Big Mo’. Campaigns that seem to have momentum spend all of their time talking about how to keep it going, or even increase it. And campaigns that don’t have momentum behind them cast around, desperate for a way to get Big Mo’ out of the station, and chugging down the tracks. I want you to keep not only the concept, but the reality of momentum in the back of your mind as you read the rest of this article.

Republicans used to be known for their uniformity of messaging. Once they had an issue, and a message, they were monolithic, the Sunday morning talk shows sounded like a casting call for a laxative commercial. Even in the early era of Trump, surrogates were directly on message. True, the message may be as dumb as shit, but they were on message,

Since January, Trump and the entire GOP have been monolithic in their response to the coronavirus. Basically, the shit didn’t exist, it was all just another far left wing scare tactic hoax! And if it did exist, it was nothing more than a supercharged case of the flu, the warmer weather would kill it. And even if the virus did return in the fall, it wouldn’t matter, because we beat it once, and we’d beat it again. Besides, Big Pharma would have a whole cornucopia of vaccines ready by then. Basically the coronavirus was not a legitimate problem to the GOP.

And GOP voters bought that shit, hook, line, and sinker. GOP voters were themost virulent in protesting stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and the wearing of masks in public. A bunch of chuckleheads in Michigan showed up to the state capitol to protest with their friggin’ AR-15’s slung over their shoulders. GOP dominated southern and western states were the first to follow Trump’s clarion call to reopen, throwing caution to the wind, and common sense out the window, and went back to business full throttle. With the resultant spike in coronavirus cases of course, but nobody believes that shit anyway.

Yesterday was supposed to be the triumphant capstone to stupidity over science. The man who has spent the last 6 months convincing his empty headed followers that the coronavirus doesn’t exist, called on them to join him in a joyous celebration of fantasy over fact at the BOK Arena in Tulsa. The campaign confirmed 19000 people in the arena, and another 60000 in an overflow lot rigged for video and sound.

And 6200 fucking people showed up. How could this happen? As I wrote earlier today, GOP chump Hugh Hewitt said on television that he personally felt that coronavirus fears led to the sudden collapse in attendance. And Hewitt wasn’t the only one, several other staff and campaign aides also floated the trial balloon that coronavirus fears quashed the crowd. But again, how?!? Donald Trump, the Master Manipulator, had spent the last 6 months convincing the most malleable bunch of sheep west of Devonshire that the coronavirus was nothing but a hoax, and they fell for it! How could this all come undone?

Change of gears. On March 7th, the Wisconsin GOP aggressively used the coronavirus as a voter suppression tool in order to cement victory in an election for a seat on the state Supreme Court. Instead, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites spent 3-5 hours waiting in line outside in the cold, all wearing masks, and using social distancing when possible to to hand the seat to the liberal candidate. And yes, in the following weeks, county reporting showed that some of the brave citizens who dared the odds actually contracted the coronavirus while exercising their right to vote.

Less than a month ago, hundreds of thousands of Georgians, in a state where the coronavirus is spiking, waited 5-8 hours, sometimes in the rain, to vote in their primary. They waited so long because the Secretary of State purposely rigged a deficient new system of voting machines, to pave the way for even worse conditions in November. But they waited, and they voted. Some actually cast their ballots after midnight, when the polls had closed at 7 PM.

For the last 25 days, tens of thousands of people nationwide have taken to the streets to peacefully protest the continuing tragedy of the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of heavy handed police. Some wear masks, some do not. Many bring their children and grandchildren with them so that they can share in the experience of peaceful protest for basic change. And every single  day they are making changes at the most fundamental of levels.

Are you starting to glean the picture here? Donald Trump, The Charlatan Of New York, spent 6 months indoctrinating daily his faithful horde with the fact that the coronavirus was nothing more than an over hyped case of the sniffles. But after all of that time, and all of that effort, when the chips were down, and he called out to the faithful to come and join him, he ended up with a crowd reminiscent of an out-take from Friday Night Lights. 

Joe Biden didn’t tell those voters in Wisconsin to go and stand out in the cold and risk a debilitating illness, and he didn’t have to. Those people felt the And he sure as shit didn’t tell those voters in Georgia to blow a whole day of their lives just to cast a ballot. And that goes in spades for the hundreds of thousands of citizens in the streets demanding social justice. Because he didn’t have to. Those people, all of them, realized the import of the moment, and what was at stake, and they grabbed the bull by the horns and made their stand.

My dear, dear friends. This is what momentum looks like. You can’t create it artificially, you have to earn it. But once you have it, you can ride it like Seattle Slew over the finish line. But if the events of the last six months, and my interpretation of them are correct, there can no longer be any doubt about who has the momentum. And if the Democrats, and right minded people nationwide keep their focus, then this kind of momentum will turn into a steamroller over anything in its way this November. And that is the most important takeaway from Trump’s debacle last night in Tulsa.

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I thought about why the troops did not turn up to support their dear leader and yea he could have been pranked but I think it was the waiver that was the issue with most of the supporters, he was basically telling them to risk their lives and those of their friends and families lives and oh by the way sign this so you can;t sue me if you get sick, really!!


Good article. Thank you

Kelly Libert
Kelly Libert

Excellent! You, sir, are correct.