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It’s a tough assertion, I know.  To say that Trump’s has said the most idiotic thing he has ever said (Ever!) while there’s been so much to choose from…
However, this one has to be it.  The big one. Trump has actually out-moroned himself.  With 20,000,000 acres of National Forest in California, raging wildfires, hundreds missing and lives lost…Trump boiled the tragedy down to this: JUST RAKE CALIFORNIA.

Trump spoke about the fires during an interview Friday with Fox News’ Chris Wallace before traveling to the state to see the damage himself. Trump summarized his thoughts about the fire by saying that if the land had been managed better “you wouldn’t have the fires.”

P.S. I don’t really believe Trump is incapable (or won’t) say anything dumber than this.  A girl can wish though…

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  1. And he answered Mueller’s questions all by himself. “Very easy, I answered them, not my lawyers.” So what took him 9 months? And if he was to answer the questions, why not do it in person, rather than as homework? Is he really that insane that he thinks anyone believes him? I suppose the good news is that when his answers turn out to be horseshit lies, he can’t blame his lawyers for writing the answers. Or, like a hundred previous times and counting, he is so stupid that he forgets he’s on tape saying the opposite!! No wonder that psychiatrist group wrote saying that he exhibits troubling behavior.

  2. WHAT A MORON ! Just when I think he can’t possibly say anything more idiotic he comes up with stuff like this. I have 2 acres, lots of woods, & I can’t get it all raked, & have better sense then to even try. The problem has to be forest management because it can’t possibly be climate change. If it was climate change we’d have to do something about it and with all the bribes from the fossil fuel companies (I mean campaign contributions), we sure can’t do that. $$$ is God is trump’s book. It’s in the chapter of two Corinthians.

  3. Wouldn’t you know it! This man really is a lot stupider than he looks! I am shocked to hear this moron talk as if he is convincing himself that Wildfires could be prevented by raking. This response by Trump is a true measure of his self proclaimed genius, and it so clearly illustrates that he is seeking to be known as the dumbest president that this country has ever had. He is also showing the rest of the world that with help from Russia even a man with numerous mental deficiencies can be elected president in this country. I feel somewhat despondent as I come to grips with the sad and decrepit state of our nation. This Country has been deprived of meaningful and substantive leadership for about 2 years now and we are stuck with him until he is finally brought up on criminal charges including, but not limited to, extensive tax evasion and numerous emoluments clause violations, or he is voted out of office in 2020. He may also be found guilty of treason for sharing numerous US secrets with his pal Putin while using his unsecured private phone. Obstruction of Justice is a given with this character and he will have to answer for all of his transgressions. As for the republicans that continue to enable this terrible conduct in the White House, they are partly to blame for this nightmare that is now an indelible stain upon U.S. History. I am sure that they take great pride in the way they have encouraged this megalomaniac to erode this nation at an alarming rate, But I can’t wait for them to get out there and man a rake as a preventative measure, in accordance with the idiotic recommendations of Genius Trump.


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