The Media just cut away to commercial while Trump was giving his presser. More of this ..Please.

MSNBC / YouTube Nicole Wallace I  ve Come...
MSNBC / YouTube

Trump just said, “ The shooting was very bad but could have been worse”.   MSNBC just cut away from his babbling when he then started talking China trade.

They cut to commercial and when AM Joy came back on, the guest said, “ Elect a clown and you get a circus”.   Nobody wants to hear what this president has to say anymore.  Not even thoughts and prayers from this man.   When MSNBC came back on they said, “ We have no president and no one wants to hear him anymore”.

That cutaway spoke volumes.  The media went to a gum recession commercial right in the middle of his talking.  More of this ….please.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Give MSNBC kudos. It’s time to give Trump some of his own medicine. He’s a damn idiot and only gives a crap about himself. Trying to be a President. Since President Obama left this country was void of a President.


In the history of the USA, has this every happened before ?
Well done, MSNBC !
If the dotard in chief can’t hold a respectable press conference, don’t give him the respect. He force feeds us with twitter feeds, then tries to ram down our throats his chopper pad rants without due come-back questions. More please.