No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another for the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true   Nathaniel Hawthorne   The Scarlet Letter

I honestly don’t know who in the hell is planning all of these recent Trump photo ops, But whoever it is should retire to a sanitorium somewhere in Tuscany. Trump has this petulant, childish desire to only show himself off as the true man, the Aryan Superman of the dreams of Friedrich Nietzsche, but it just isn’t working.

Rachel Maddow said the entire scam bare tonight, and though Trombies don’t watch Rachel, there is no way they can miss it, as the video is sure to go viral. Trump set up the staging carefully, landing Marine One in exactly the right position, and stalling his grand entrance back to the White House until the camera lights were all ready to go.

Trump exited the helicopter, and walked up a switchback stairway of some of the shallowest steps known to man, to the second floor balcony. Whereupon he turned out to face an empty courtyard, triumphantly ripped the mask from his face, and prepared to salute Marine One as it took off. Unfortunately for him, Rachel had a close up view of the entire thing, You could clearly see him standing there, fiddling with his suit coat, while his shoulders heaved up and down, his mouth open and his teeth clenched while he desperately sucked for air. This is not a well man.

Y’all remember? It was only a day or so that I wrote an article in which I showed that while Joe Biden gained two points from his debate performance, it was Trump who shed four points. Ask yourself this, Where did those four points come from?

It didn’t come from the so called soft Trump voters, they headed for the hills by the 2018 midterm elections. Trump’s base has long been held at between 40-45%. That’s the only place that the 4 point drop from 43-39 could have come from. Trump turned his own voters off with his debate performance.

And nothing that Trump did this weekend made him look stronger. That drive by wave fest was a pure dick move, and came across as such. But there is n way that his performance tonight on the portico of the White House can be seen as anything but a disaster. The Maddow video clearly shows him standing there, his shoulders heaving up and down, sucking wind through open lips as he tries to maintain his position of strength.

But forget about the true believers of Trump for a minute, they may well not matter. Biden is pulling away from Trump in the senior vote, by more than 20 points at this point. Trump shot out a bullshit video tonight, telling people to ignore the coronavirus he better than anybody knows that it’s no big thang. But yet tonight, millions of us saw a 74 year old man, winded after climbing two flights of stairs, and desperately trying to suck in breath.

You know where there’s a shitload of us frost tops? In Florida, a state that Trump must win in order to be reelected, and where early voting is already underway. And ya know where a ton of us tend to hang out? In Arizona, where early voting is also already under way. And there’s a bunch of us in Nevada, where the mail in ballots are already in the mail to voters statewide, and where early in person voting starts in 10 days. And we all just saw one of us, tromping up two shallow flights of stairs, and standing on the portico struggling to breather. It’s one thing for a 40 year smoker like me to be huffing at the top of a flight of stairs, but Trump is no smoker.

Don’t let the vaunted Trump base panic you. Trump has nothing else left, and every time you see his numbers get smaller, there’s only one place it can be coming from. There are millions of us who are scared shitless about the coronavirus, and Trump’s flaks bravado isn’t playing so well there. 29 days, Vote. And Get out The Vote.

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  1. I don’t know what this moron is up to. But he just shit on 200,000 Americans. He has killed more Americans and laughed about it while grinding his penny loafers into the dead bodies than any terrorist ever thought about.


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