This video from the Lincoln Project directly and accurately names the Republican Party under Trump as a fascist movement, and talks about what anti-fascism has meant in our nation’s past. It’s probably the best work I’ve seen them post, and it should be shared widely and as often as it can be shared. 

You may not like these guys. You may think they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing, or you may think that they need to stand to account for the party they played in where we are today. From my perspective, that’s what they are doing right now. And yes, there’s money involved. So be it. I would rather they get wealthy putting out this sort of hard hitting content than not. And, frankly, the Democratic Party isn’t doing this work — the real and necessary work of combatting rising fascism in this country. 

The Biden Administration has thus far failed to address the problem of Trump’s fascist movement. The DoJ continues to protect Donald Trump in the name of executive privilege, instead of changing direction as an agency and engaging with this threat with the full might of American federal law enforcement. 

Trump is declaring himself a shadow president. He is re-starting his fascist rallies. At those rallies he will continue to call for more and more violence against our democracy. His mouthpieces on fascist propaganda networks like Fox, Newsmax, and OANN will amplify his message of hate and violence and anti-democracy until there is another violent putsch. His allies in congress will continue to try to drive wedges between uniformed soldiers and their oath to the Constitution. He will continue radicalizing everyone that pays him any heed because he knows that’s his only way out of a prison sentence. 

He will launch a Civil War to stay out of prison. If his party takes power, we will make Nazi Germany look like the Netherlands. They never had our military power. They never had our massive, militarized and radicalized police state. 

If you want to fight fascism, you have to demand more than faith in American institutions. So does the Biden Administration. 


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