The Lonely Dotard at the G7

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By now, we are all used to trump’s visits to international meetings, where he sulks, broods and fumes, because he has no friends there and he has no idea how to deal with accomplished world leaders. The only joy he gets is when he meets Putin or Kim. Otherwise, his face tells pretty much the full story of his state of “mind”.

Granted, he left for this G7 meeting in France in a foul mood, having created crisis after crisis in national and international affairs last week. Granted his mind must have been focused on what lie to tell his supporters next or what part of the constitution to shred next, given that nothing is working in his favor so far. But, can’t he even pretend to be POTUS for a day?

So, let’s take a look at the visuals of the G7 meeting. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The look on your face when your wife drags you to a party …

Foul mood with Macron, who tried his best to be Mr. Pacifier on day 1. Looks like Macron did not order any hamberders.

Why the sullen face after the “very special” new NAFTA deal utterance?

trump is shrinking. Who gave him that chair in the corner? And the high (plastic?) chairs to his clean-up crew.

Not happy at all. Where’s Daddy?

Look who is not smiling over talks about Iran –

Smiles with the Japanese premier.

Sorry, wrong picture.

He was most happy with his apprentice Boris Johnson. Still no joy or smile on his face. Just trying pretending to be alpha male.

trump rummaged through his twitter feed and found this little pacifier — from a month ago –

Watching these leaders pal around with hugs and kisses is enough to make trump weep.

The world’s biggest challenge? trump.

Yes, this was then — when the world respected and admired the POTUS –


Yeah, it’s lonely at the bottom. Reminds me of this parody song by Sandy and Richard Riccardi couple of years ago.

And let’s keep in mind, the only way to end this dystopian nightmare is to elect Democrats. So, let’s donate, volunteer, write, mock, educate, GOTV, whatever we can do in our individual capacities.

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Impeach trump
Impeach trump

Trump is one sickening disgusting immature unprofessional individual-he has destroyed everything he touches he is totally hopeless and mentally ill…

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Just think we used to be a proud nation, on top of the world. Now we are in the basement and we have an idiot representing us who can’t even sit straight in a chair.


Trump the incompetent illegal president who is a disgusting and mentally ill human being. He does not belong in the WH. It’s high time for the Dems to get rid of him before he completely destroys this country. He has done enough damage already.


Where’s Ivanka? It’s always fun to see photos where world leaders snub her too. Did she not get to go play dingbat daughter this trip?