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President Donald Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. He promised the American people that lots of times.

Mexico said… “No.” They said it several times and in different ways. And they meant it.

Then Trump tried to get the American people to pay for it, even though it was clear from experts and critics that it was “ridiculous” to want the “stupid, dumb” wall in the first place.

Congress, including members from both major parties, said “No.”

So who is gonna pay for the wall?

Apparently, 37-year-old right-winger Brian Kolfage—who has a “verified blue check facebook page”—and a bunch of online allies ready to spend their own hard-earned cash to fund Trump’s promise. In just three days, the page has raised more than $3 million of its $1 billion goal. Currently $1 billion is the GoGundMe limit, but Kolfage told Politico he his working on getting that ceiling raised.

According to Politico:

Trump initially told congressional leaders that he would accept nothing less than $5 billion for his wall in a bill to keep most of the federal government open. Estimates for the total costs of a wall have varied — Trump has even changed his mind on an original vision for a continuous stretch across the entire border — but it usually fall somewhere in the $12 billion to 20 billion range. A staff report written for Senate Democrats argued that the price could be as high as $70 billion.

In an email response sent to Splinter News, Kolfage explained that his GoFundMe project for the wall was a “common sense” solution to a problem Trump cares very much about.

But as MSNBC‘s Chris Hayes said in response to the effort, it might be something else entirely:

Don’t worry, says Kolfage—who vows to donors that “100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall”—if the wall is not built “we will refund every single penny.”

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  1. Don’t worry, says Kolfage—who vows to donors that “100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall”—if the wall is not built “we will refund every single penny.”

    Don’t give this guy any money, it’s a scam!

  2. I’m thinking that tramp will somehow figure out a way to “ legally “ abscond/ steal that money for himself. Also all these people from his base with never get a penny back. Doesn’t Gofundme charge a percentage for raising money ? So right there not all of those pennies will be returned. Believe what you want but the last time I remember any country getting money from another country was Nazi germany stealing the wealth from France Belgium Poland and all the other countries they conquered and forcing some of those citizens into labor for the war and to create wealth for the leaders of the third Reich. Read the history. Just sayin …

    • Founder Of The GoFundMe Page For Trump’s Border Wall Is A Notable Fake News Site Impresario

      Here is the headline from a story posted today on this website by Ursula Faw, in short if it sounds too good to be true it is, this is a scam and a con. Is this man who he says he is? Is it really him in the picture?There are always those trying to swindle and “cheat” the system as well as to prey on the goodwill of others so as soon as I saw this story first come out my first reaction was it’s dirty and sure enough within a week more and more reporting shows this guy’s shady past comes up, so I guess if the POTUS can scam, con, and try to swindle the American public, why not him too? Hmmm

  3. I went on the page and scrolled down the names. I noticed that the same names appeared more than once. So I wonder if the names are appearing more than once to make it seem like they are taking in more $ than they actually are. If they want to pay for a wall let them. A wall will not stop them. The donators will feel conned when nothing changes. It’s just racist people helping a racist President.

  4. I Tweeted this fool. I thanked him for his service & mentioned that he didn’t say anything about brain injuries but he apparently was injured there too, to come up with this brilliant plan. I reminded him that Secretary Clinton won the election by 3,000,000 and therefore there is no mandate to build the wall the Impostor president said Mexico was paying for. that the majority of Americans don’t want. Wonder if Ann Coulter donated yet. The people that would give their hard earned $$ for this nonsense are blithering idiots.

    • I’m glad you spoke up and told him.
      I wonder if the FBI isn’t monitoring that page and checking names against known Nazi members, right wing extremists and other known rabble rousers.
      They know where to find them, all in one place!


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