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Hard hitting.  As we’ve grown to expect.

Hammering home the point, again and again …

As those who plan to counter the Big Lie — The Forever Lie — need to be.

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May 21, 2021

Matt Gaetz:  
“This is Donald Trump’s Party, and I’m a Donald Trump Republican.”

MTG:  “Yeah!”


They’re right.  It is his Party. … And it’s their Party.


Margorie Taylor Greene:  “Who is your president?”

Crowd:   “Trump!”


Your Republican party?    It’s gone.

If you thought it could be saved — you were wrong.


Now Trump’s Party demands its followers tell the Big Lie.

Over and over.

The Forever Lie

The Lie that Loser Donald Trump, actually won the 2020 election.

It’s the Lie that defines them.

The Lie that justifies conspiracy, violence, and insurrection.

And it gets worse:

In Washington, corporations, lobbyists are still donating to Republican Seditionists — even when they promise not to.


The Media refuses to ask them, one by one:

Whether they agree with the Big Lie?


There’s a Bigger Lie though.  The Lie that:

“This is Normal. That this is business as usual.   That January 6 never happened.”

It’s dangerous.  

It’s wrong.

It’s Un-American.


It’s fueling and funding the Republican machine, from top to bottom.

And that’s No Lie.

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The Lincoln Project  — May 21, 2021,   Link.

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Pass it on.

Start asking their Corporate “sponsors” — Whose side are they really on?

On the side of democracy and the Constitution?

Or on the side of the Forever Liars, on the side of the Republican Seditionists?

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That’s a damn good question.

One that we need to keep asking. 

Until America hears the unvarnished answers.

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