I’ve got to hand it to the folks at the Lincoln Project. They are like pointer dogs on the hunt. They see the prey and they move in for the kill.

Donald Trump is a renowned misogynist. He insults women routinely, the more powerful and successful they are, the worse the insult. Thus we have “sick” Nancy Pelosi, “nasty” Hillary Clinton (an honor she shares with Megan Markle, by the way, who is also “nasty”) and my favorite, “low IQ” Maxine Waters. You haven’t heard Auntie Maxine bragging about passing a cognitive test lately, have you? Or calling herself a stable genius? Or marking up hurricane maps with a sharpie? We could go on.

In all events, curiously, the misogyny stops when it comes to Ghislaine Maxwell: which begs the question, “What does she have on Donald Trump?”

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  1. To all those Q idiots – guess what, the lying orange monkey you blindly follow just might be one of your… Shhhh don’t let anyone know… a pedophile, you know, one of those you despise and want to burn at the stake.
    Well have at him, he’s all yours.


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