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But what if it wasn’t accidental Scully? What if the government actually knew what was happening?   Fox Mulder   The X-Files

If you spend as much time as I do in the company of CNN and MSNBC, you might have noticed a subtle, yet discernible shift the last couple of days. As the desperate situation in New York finally appears to be stabilizing, and possibly even easing slightly, and as more American cities appear to be getting a better hold on the coronavirus, the media coverage is shifting slightly. There is a little more time for news not expressly dealing with the death and devastation of the viral outbreak. And if that trend continues, the next Trump administration mega scandal is simmering quietly away, just waiting for the lid to be lifted.

With the initial coverage, it began almost as a joke, although a joke in bad taste. But when you’re dealing with El Pendejo Presidente, almost every administration action or policy undertaken is a joke in bad taste. It began last week with a segment on The Rachel Maddow Show, later retold by yours truly, about the somewhat unbelievable situation of the federal government sending the FBI and DHS to confiscate shipments of medical supplied and equipment purchased privately by states and hospitals, and adding them to the FEMA national stockpile, presumably under the Emergency War Powers Act.

The story seemed too ridiculous at its face to be true. The federal government refuses to supply hospitals and states with emergency equipment, telling them to fend for themselves in a series of endless bidding wars, and when the states comply, the federal government swoops in with a series or armed, strong arm hijackings, and confiscates the shipments under the War Powers Act that the administration refused to implement to boost domestic production and distribution. That is, until Illinois Governor JB Pritzker appeared on Rachel’s show to outline the Len Deighton spy novel shit he had to pull to keep the FBI and DHS from hijacking his own shipment of supplies.

But here’s the real scandal of this whole thing, and whether it’s the media that twigs to it, or whether it comes out in some kind of after action investigation, it’s going to come out, and it’s going to be ugly. The federal government left the states and hospitals to fend for themselves in order to obtain this equipment, correct? Then how, pray tell are the FBI and the DHS coming by the information of these shipments created by private transactions?

Look, at their inception these are private, presumably e-mail or phone conversations between private hospital administrators or official emissaries of the governors offices, and private businesses, often foreign. How in the ever living hell is the federal government obtaining the information that these contracts are being negotiated, finalized, and fulled? How is the federal government managing to get their grubby little mitts on the shipping and arrival information?

Is the Trump government illicitly monitoring private communications between governors offices and hospital staffs to private foreign companies? What kind of surveillance, electronic? Wire tapping? If surveillance is being used, is it authorized with a valid court order? And if it is, what possible justification could the government be using for said illicit surveillance? There has to be some form of intelligence gathering going on here, because states and hospitals have been caught completely off guard when government cars and trucks full of weapon toting agents show up at the airport to steal their shit.

Is the FBI and DHS dragooning the Customs administration to flag any foreign freight arrivals with a manifest showing medical supplies or equipment as the contents? Except that theory has the flaw that at least some of these shipments are clearing customs bonding at airports other than the final destination, and the FBI and DHS seem to prefer scooping this stuff up from the end user at the final destination.

There is something wrong about this. These hospitals and state offices are not conning the federal government, they are obeying a federal order from the President to fend for themselves. And when they follow that directive, their shipments are stolen right in front of their face.

This is the scandal that is waiting to blow up like a fertilizer plant explosion. And when it blows, a whole lot of people, Tubby the Ewok, the FBI, DHS, possible some portions of the intelligence community, are all going to have some explaining to do. They are going to have to explain how they obtained proprietary information on the sale, shipment, and delivery of non restricted medical equipment between two private concerns. Were surveillance techniques used, and if so, what were the legal justifications used to obtain the warrants? To me, this brings back memories of the dread days of Bush Lite’s warrant less wiretapping, and all the attendant civil liberties horrors.

You know, if it weren’t so goddamn infuriating, it would be comical as to how the Trump administration keeps stumbling around like a centipede with all of its shoe laces untied. Trump looked heartless and incompetent enough in telling the states and hospitals to fend for themselves in obtaining the required medical equipment during this crisis. But His Dumbassness couldn’t just leave it at that. He had to be able to pound his scrawny chest about the massive amounts of supplies that his administration was supplying to the cities and states, and the easiest way to do that was to steal their own shit, and then hand it to them. Take my word for it, you haven’t heard the last of this.

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  1. Yes, read this last night. Something really fishy about how they got their information and WTF are they doing stealing the supplies so they can supply the Kushner private PPE auction. And on another note. Clicked on a video on a Fox story about the protests. Oh they are so sure they know what’s going on. One guy was construction worker and I have been off and on involved in construction for years and you probably could have some work done. Roadwork would be easier without cars. Another was small business and she starts off spouting about her rights and then goes on to many family businesses will fail. If being shut down for a month with loans in place and othe incentives there is more wrong than the virus with a business that is failing. And of course with the rights issue that shoots them in the foot for anything after that because it makes it obvious to me they just running their collective mouths.

  2. if this is, even partially, true, we have a really big over-reach by Trump. Not only should he be impeached, he also needs to be sent to Federal prison!

    • Thank you for following this. Have heard rumors on a more local level and was hoping it didn’t get lost in the surrealism of todays times!

  3. This has been my question since the first one. I noticed one common thread, too. They’re all states with Dem governors with whom trump has argued over supplies. And the foreign governments whose orders were stolen were countries who have stood up to him. How many Republican states have lost their orders¿ He’s deliberately hurting states and countries he has a beef with. I have no doubt he is breaking the law to gather this info. None whatsoever.

  4. Forgive me if I’m skeptical and conflicted about this. I see these “citizen journalists” (bloggers) as a big part of our problem, even if they are on “my side.” The author claims to be providing “independent journalism” when all he is giving us is unsourced assertions and speculation. He has neither education nor experience in journalism. Not a single link here. While what he says is plausible to me and fits with what we know of Trump, I don’t want to be a fool of my own confirmation bias, my own readiness to believe the worst about Trump. Just as I do with science, medicine, diet, etc., I really want to stick with the trained professionals. If he’d just given us a link or two to real journalists….

    • My god Russell, you need confirmation that trumps a bad person?????, ffs where have you been the last 3 years, in a coma !!’

    • This is not the first time i have heard about this myself. Rachel Maddow has mentioned this on her show a couple times. Remember this article when Joe takes over. This is not the only thing (BAD) that Trump has done. The good thing is that ALL his misdoings will be discovered. They can try to hide it but it WILL be found. You best believe someone knows about ALL of them and where to find them and will be more that Happy to tell Joes people when he takes over! Hopefully then Trump will do the prison time he so deserves, for everyone he has screwed in his life!

  5. When Joe takes over, ALL Trumps misdealings will come out. That’s when he and his band of misfits will do time in the pokey, hopefully for a LONG time! Come on January 20th 2021!!!!


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