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Apparently many members of the military were offended by a mawkish tweet-video rationalizing the Syrian withdrawal produced by Bill Shine which was obviously keyed to a seemingly impulsive visit to Arlington on the weekend by Individual-1.

Trump then recounted the “heartbreaking” task of calling the loved ones of Americans killed while fighting for their country.

Referring to the fallen soldiers, Trump said, “they’re up there looking down on us, and there’s nobody happier or more proud of their families to put them in a position where they’ve done such good for so many people.”

“So our boys, our young women, our men – they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now,” he said. “We won, and that’s the way we want it.”

“And,” Trump concluded, pointed upward in another evident reference to the fallen soldiers, “that’s the way they want it.”…

This is a meme used by Trump in his rallies, where he invokes the approval by spirits of the dead.

There are still 30,000 active members of ISIS

Perhaps Trump is bringing troops home so he won’t have to make a trip to a combat zone, something he has yet to do.

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  1. I dont think DT had any other reason for bringing the troops home, other than hes scared of going to a war zone. Its always, all about Donald


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