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GOP megadonors turn on Trump after Jan. 6 hearings, set sights on DeSantis, Pence and other 2024 hopefuls

The one issue with the focus on bagging TFG in the January 6 hearings is, like cockroaches, the big money GQP donors are scrambling from the lights to the next rock to crawl under. And that risk is likely to be DeathSantis. They are looking for another horse to back because the now realize TFG is a loser in 2024.

I worry about DeathSantis — he is a more controlled sociopath. CNBC notes

DeSantis raised just over $10 million in May for his 2022 reelection bid for governor. That brought his total fundraising haul in the current election cycle to over $120 million, according to the Tallahassee Democrat

Of course, every circus needs a clown. Mike Pence is starting to plan his triumphant climb to the presidency by keynoting $5,000 a plate dinners. Please, oh please, GQP, nominate Pence in 2024.

This only proves the most important this to get to in the January 6 hearing is not just the plan but who financed it. Since it is major GQP donors, this is one place I would NOT rely on Liz Cheney to lead the charge — I think to many of her circle of donors could also be implicated.

I would also like to see the ties between the GQP and Russia brought to the front again. 

In the end, if the January 6 Committee only targets TFG and his inner circle it could end up saving, rather than crippling, the GQP

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