The implications of “Going through some Things” in Ambassador Yovanovitch’s last Foreign Post


First question:   Who was paying these guys? Second question:   Who was directing them?

The stunning new texts, documents, and impeachment evidence released by the House, explained

Rudy Giuliani’s fixer, Lev Parnas, turned over documents. They’re very ugly.

By Andrew Prokop, Vox — Jan 15, 2020

A Parnas associate claimed to be surveilling Yovanovitch — and asked if he wanted “her out”

Finally, and most disturbingly, is a set of messages Parnas exchanged with a person named Robert F. Hyde, a controversial Republican congressional candidate in Connecticut who has spent time at Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s DC hotel.

Parnas sent Hyde tweets and articles from prominent conservative media personalities — such as Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Dan Bongino — disparaging Yovanovitch and suggesting she was disloyal. “Can’t believe Trumo [Trump] hasn’t fired this bitch,” Hyde responded. “I’ll get right in that.”

About 13 hours later, Hyde reported back to Parnas: “She under heavy protection outside Kiev.” Then, two days later he said he had “guys” there who could “do” something — and that he now knew Yovanovitch’s whereabouts, and that her phone and computer were off.

Hyde went on: “They are willing to help if we/you would like a price.” He added: “Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money... what I was told.”

The next day, Hyde reported back that Yovanovitch would not be moved, and that his contacts were asking “what is the next step.”

He added, ominously: “If you want her out they need to make contact with security forces.”

A few days after that, Hyde reported he had “a person inside,” and asked if Parnas still needed “intel” or if they should “stand down.”

In these messages, there is no response from Parnas after that, for nearly two months.

These messages certainly seem to suggest that Hyde was having Yovanovitch surveilled — and that one ominous message asking “if you want her out” may imply something much darker.

Trump had famously said this about Ambassador Yovanovitch, on his extortion call to the Ukrainian President:

Trump, in his July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, called Yovanovitch “bad news” and offered the cryptic remark that “she’s going to go through some things.” — 11/15/19

This obviously sounds like Trump was in the loop on the Parnas-Hyde surveillance, outlined above. It’s not like Trump hadn’t ordered people to be “roughed up” before, and in the case of Stormy Daniels. The scary thing is, such a campaign of intimidation and terror is not out of the question with Donald Trump — that his go-to M.O. as demonstrated in many of his threatening tweets.

The really disturbing thing is, in Ukraine “going through some things” as some really horrific implications. While this Trump cabal was watching her every move, and digging up their sinister “resources”, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was busy doing this, as she testified to Congress:

Yovanovitch Was Honoring Acid-Murdered Anti-Corruption Activist When Recalled

Yovanovitch told the House impeachment inquiry on Friday that she was holding an event in honor of Kateryna Handziuk, an activist who died last year after being doused in sulfuric acid.

“We thought it was important that justice be done for Katya and others who fight corruption in Ukraine because it’s not kind of a table-top exercise there,” Yovanovitch said, adding that she was giving Handziuk’s father a “woman of courage” award at the event in his daughter’s honor.

It was at 10:00 p.m local time on April 24, however, in the middle of the event that Yovanovitch received a phone call from the State Department’s director general telling her to get on the next plane to Washington. — November 15, 2019

“Going through some stuff” has some very dark meanings in that part of the world.

If Trump was part of this — he needs to be thrown out of Office. And then prosecuted.

Congress needs to subpoena this stalker, working on the Trump Surveillance Team:

Meet the Trump Donor Who Allegedly Stalked America’s Ambassador in Ukraine

Will SommerBetsy Swan, the Daily Beast — Updated Jan. 15, 2020

Before Tuesday, he was best known as a little-known, scandal-scarred Republican congressional candidate who tweeted an obscene joke at Kamala Harris. But new documents from the House Intelligence Committee have put a completely different kind of spotlight on Robert F. Hyde, the Trump donor who appears to have tracked U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s movements in Ukraine.


And Congress needs to subpoena Lev Parnas as well. It’s long past time that the American People heard from these Trump witnesses.  Now that we’re finally starting to see some of the dark and disturbing Documents, involved in the Trump Ukrainian scheme.

No American President should be allowed to get away with such mobster-like activities.

No American President should be Above the Law.

— —

Even Trump.
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Even more horrifying if he’s not removed. If not, they all support a terrorist.


Just imagine the threats the likes of Susan Collins, Romey etc. must be receiving from ‘anonymous’ sources if they don’t tow the line when the senate votes.


All of “them” are going to go through some stuff.