The hospitals are filling up #DuceyDeath coming soon to AZ

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It’s not just cases, Hospitalizations have risen almost 90% since AZ Gov Ducey lifted restrictions. From the Arizona Department of Health.

The propaganda:

There is a line of bullshit propaganda, sorry:  “Republican messaging” being actively spread & Arizona Gov Ducey is happy to spew it.  The official Red-state-approved words are “increase in testing” 

The Banned Red-state words: Required Masks,  Closing anything, and Science

Ducey’s “Messaging” Yesterday:

Arizona will keep reopening despite surge in COVID-19 cases..

we are not seeing an increase in patient volume (Lie #1) we are prepared if that increase should come (lie #2),” Ducey said. “The facts are (Lie #3), we got an increase in testing, an increase in testing and an increase in positive test results. So we’re going to continue to stay laser-focused on COVID-19.”…

Ducey pointed to a large increase in testing as an explanation for the climbing numbers (lie #4)

The reality:

Reality #1 : AZ is seeing a dramatic  increase in hospitalizations.

Inpatient: 89% increase in # currently hospitalized for Covid19: from ~790 to ~1500 in 1 month since “reopening” mid-May.


ICU:  52% increase in # people with covid19 currently in ICU  (330 to 500 )  in 1 month since AZ “opened”


ED: 85% increase in people presenting with Covid-19 daily  in the ER :  from ~520 to 956 in the same time


Reality #2: AZ hospitals are  (not) prepared  for a large increase…

“Arizona hospitals are increasingly constrained in terms of resources and the increase in COVID-positive patients both in the ICU and in-patient….said Ann-Marie Alameddin, president and CEO of the Arizona Hospital Association.


Hospital officials are worried about staff burnout..

Hospitals are barely handling increases and fear a large spike:

Arizona hospitals bracing for crisis as COVID-19 cases surge

From the June’s Tucson-area coronavirus coverage: Arizona cases surge; early results from UA antibody tests series

ICU units approaching full capacity in Phoenix, Tucson

Reality #3: Its not the testing, stupid.  AZ case increases dramatically outstrip small increases in PCR testing

AZ increased PCR testing by only about 28% , from around 7,000 a day the week of May 15th, to around 9000 a day last week (recent data is incomplete)


Meanwhile, new positive COVID-19 case numbers spiked by 274%   over the last three weeks: from a weekly average of 345 on May 26th to 1290 on June 16th.  (from ASU tracking site:…)


Exposing the lie, % positive has almost quadrupled in 4 weeks since May. 17, from 6% to 21%  even as PCR testing rose.. 



 21% positive means AZ is not testing enough

The increased testing alone doesn’t seem to be a plausible explanation of why so many more cases were identified,” said Dr. Joe Gerald, an associate professor with the University of Arizona’s Zuckerman College of Public Health.”

And wait, there’s more!!

Reality #4: AZ has just about the worst outbreak in the nation and we are getting worse.

Hospital data from UMN to show how AZ compares to other states nationwide

showing we now have about the worst unchecked  Covid-19 outbreak.

1. AZ has the 2nd highest per capita COVID hospitalization rate among states who report this: (counting DC)  This shows who is hardest hit Right NOW. 

State Current Hosp

for C19

Persons in Hospital

per mil

DC 191 272
AZ 1457 200
MS 467 157
IL 1961 154
NJ 1346 151
MA 1039 149
RI 141 133
MD 751 124
LA 568 123
SD 93 106

Note: – Current Hosp Data only available for 42 states –  Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Idaho, Kansas, Indiana, Tennessee, and Hawaii Do not report current hospitalization data

2. More of the same, but for ICU: 

Top 10 States Current # People in ICU for COVID per million 

As of June 16
State Current ICU

for Covid 19

Persons in ICU

per mil for Covid 19

DC 76 108
AZ 464 64
MD 313 52
IL 596 47
IN 305 46
NJ 397 45
VA 334 39
MA 253 36
MN 186 33
NV 85 27

How does AZ stack up against the rest of the US for % of Hospital beds used by Covid patients. Hey, we’re #1, Right NOW! and as this chart shows, We are trending UP, compared to other states with large numbers of hospitalized. 


And it looks like we are going to stay that way! What’s Ducey doing?

1. He’s not wearing a mask himself, or social distancing in public 

Ducey recently in June 

Ducey goes everywhere without a mask and posts it on Twitter — Super hypocrisy dude, Cool!

2. He’s not mandating masks: Ducey won’t require facemasks 

3. He’s not mandating anything except restrictions on bars that don’t serve ANY food, and no big crowds — except churches, cause God can’t abide COVID-19


4.  He DID mandate in an executive order that no town or county can add local requirements without State approval:


I believe he wants us all to die.


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Mark M
Mark M

And this is the time of year all of the Zonies come to California to escape the heat. So Cal will be sure to see another spike in cases.

Facts hurt
Facts hurt

This shit is so f*#king ridiculous. I live in Florida and you see the kind of data suppression that’s happening here. My question is: If our government is actively trying to kill its constituents (us), when do we take the fight for our lives to their families doorstep.