The hidden Objectives behind those “Trump Roads Leading to Putin”

Vox / YouTube Trump and Putin A surreal moment...
Vox / YouTube

Nancy Pelosi quipped in a recent high-profile meeting:

All roads lead to Putin with you.”

I doubt this was an accident.  She knows far more about the back-story here, than we can imagine.

Let’s assume she is right, and that was a simple statement of Fact.  What larger conclusions can be drawn from that foundational “All Roads” axiom?

1)  The very first thing people need to conclude, is that MAYBE all the recurring Trump-Putin calls and meetings are significant.  VERY significant.  There MUST be reasons why they are being kept SECRET.

The American People should demand to know, what that Trump-Putin Secrecy is all about?

2)  The Trump-Putin personal history goes way back.   It started in at least 2013, and has continued on a regular basis since then.  Putin knows a pliable assets when he sees one.  And he has been leveraging it ever since.  See the dangled offer of Trump Towers Moscow, for an example of Putin “hooking” his useful idiot.

As of March 2017, CNN has documented Trump-obsession list, with his role-model strongman:

80 times Trump talked about Putin

3)  One of the main conclusions of the Mueller Investigation, was that Russian Military Intelligence conducted extensive, wide-scale, and micro-targeted Active Measures — to help get the “Celebrity Apprentice” elected.   Mueller named Russian names.   Mueller spelled out their Crimes against America.

The vast majority of U.S. Intelligence directors arrived at that same conclusions too.

Namely, Putin is no friend of America — no matter how much of a personal hold he may have over the American President, that he actively help install.

Those are the obvious parts of the Trump-Putin back-story.  Those are the “givens”.  And they are axiomatically important.  They describe the terrain, upon which Trump continues to carry out a pro-Russia Agenda.  One that no doubt, is NOT entirely of his own making.

Because afterall, Trump owes him.

Besides all the financial indebtedness Trump feels — (see Trump’s hidden Tax Returns);

besides all the electoral indebtedness Trump feels — (see Trump’s lies about his Popular Vote);

It now appears with this “shift the blame to Ukraine” scheme, Trump was working towards some much larger geopolitical objectives.

Trump was taking his own Active Measures — to try and pay Putin back.

The Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower Moscow
Gee Donnie, you shouldn’t have.   No really, stop.   We have ‘other ways’ of getting Our Deals done.

Here are some of those Trump-Putin back-story objectives;  their goals;  the secret-reasons behind all their secret calls:

A)  The primary Objective in this “blame Ukraine” back-room operation?


If Trump could do to the Ukrainian President, what Putin has done to him — he could coerce the man to sign-onto a plan — To just give Crimea to Putin  An unjust reward for Putin illegal annexation, of a once free land.

B)  The secondary Objective in this back-room operation?


Since Day-one of the Trump Administration, lifting the sanctions against Russia has been among one of Trump’s top geopolitical objectives.  But Congress have been dead-set against this.  Why?  See Objective A.

Nonetheless, Trump has been steadfast in his effort to “normalize” relations with Putin — (see Trump’s recent efforts to to get Russian back into the G8); Obviously what’s a top priority for Trump’sBossMentor, is by default, a top priority to Donald Trump:

Putin calls Russia list ‘hostile’ as Dems decry no sanctions  — AP News, Jan 2018

C)  The tertiary Objective in this back-room “blame the Bidens” operation?

The 2020 Election.

The “Bidens Corruption” story was supposed to be the new “Hillary’s Emails” cudgel — that Trump would hammer into oblivion, to get his low-info followers to once again vote against their own best interests.

Such an enticement was all the prodding that the Putin Fish needed, to go along with this unabashed illegal Election-interference scheme.   And the “Friends of Putin” were primed and ready to help, in this latest Anti-America rip-off scheme:

Who knew that the corrupting of the U.S. President could be so damn easy?

Vladimir Putin knew.   Witness were we are.  And ask yourself, How did we get here?

How did we get to the place, where America’s foreign policy is based primarily on Putin’s over-arching  geopolitical objectives?    (See Objective A, B, and C.)

Keep this observation / warning in the back of your mind, as were progress through the tortuous  exercise of Impeaching and Convicting the US President of his blatant abuse of power, in the coming weeks and months:

All roads lead to Putin with Trump.”

The ongoing success of the American experiment with “people-driven democracy” — is all that’s being decided.  And protected.   Or as the case may be, cast away into the circular bin of History.

The GOP Legacy plan … of the Moment.

— —

If Trump can get away with this “high level” of abuse of power and corruption — there’s no telling what the “Next Trump” will get away with?

You know, assuming that the “Next Trump” is actually good at his illegal endeavors.

Trump will set the bar of acceptable US behavior for generations to come — if our check-and-balance institutions — led by Trump-enablers — let him. 

If they endorse this new Presidential Standards high-water mark.

— —

The Road were on … you know the Putin-MAGA Agenda, is continuing to take us ALL — for a Ride.
Buckle up.
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True Patriot
True Patriot

As Nancy pointed at him she actually said “All roads with you lead to Putin.”

We are now in a Constitutional crisis!

Enough said…on to Impeaching the MF! Can we add Treason? He swore on the bible to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Now we need to add onto the back of that statement, “including it’s leader”, the current Tresident=Treasonous Resident in OUR White House.