The Greatest Show On Dearth

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Anybody who watches sports will get this analogy. You’re channel surfing, and catch a football or basketball game coming out of a commercial break. As the announcers are yammering away to fill time, the cameras show the two teams. One team is huddled, with the coach furiously marking the whiteboard and talking earnestly. The other team is just standing around, yakking and taking a chill. You know two things without ever seeing the scoreboard. You know that the game is a blowout, and you know which team is getting waxed.

That’s the way these hearings are going, heating up in week two. The GOP is furious, and desperately throwing up Hail Mary’s trying to get back in the game. And the more that they try, the further they fall behind. The Democrats are like a team with the other team’s playbook in their pocket. They’re calm, self assured, handing off flawlessly, cracking jokes, and demolishing on demand every attack their opponents try.

“Muddy River” Jordan hammered Lt Colonel Vindman for bypassing his direct supervisor to go to the NSC Counsel, despite the counsel’s invitation that he do so. The Democrats immediately follow up on that by showing that Vindman’s supervisor also bypassed his boss in going directly to the NSC Counsel.  GOP inquisitor put up a huge stack of paper showing all of the transcripts of depositions, to make the point that not a single witness had used the word bribe in their testimony, and the Democrats rebutted it with a humorous quip about the cops having to let a shooter go free because the victim only described his wounds and the fact that he could identify the shooter, without advising the cops that is was attempted murder. The GOP tried to accuse the Democrats of a bait-and-switch, by changing their accusation from quid pro quo to bribery, after which Adam Schiff reminded the world that a quid pro quo was a necessary component of bribery. It just went on and on like that.

By far, the GOP’s worst mistake was their attempted smear of Lt Colonel Vindman’s loyalty and patriotism, pressing Vindman on some kind offer made by a Ukrainian official for Vindman to become their Defense Minister. Not only did Vindman make light of the offer, and use the opportunity to remind all and sundry that he had immediately reported the offer to his superiors, but the Democrats immediately highlighted Vindman’s service, including his Combat Infantryman’s Badge, as well as his Purple Heart.Only the Republicans could find it advantageous to compare a man who received a medal for having his body pierced by metal spurs with the sniveling President Bone Spurs.

I think that “Midnight Run” Nunes may have finally gotten the memo. If a future witness shows up in a streets and san uniform to testify, I think Nunes will probably refer to him as “Assistant Sanitation Engineer Thomas.” The GOP can’t seem to stop doing this, stepping on their cranks. Every time they try to demean or belittle a witness, all they accomplish is to allow the Democrats to show how honest, dedicated, and honorable these witnesses are, with no logical reason to lie of obfuscate in their testimony.

Here’s how it breaks down. The Democrats have a clear, concise, and compelling narrative, and each witness has compelling testimony, with evidence to back it up, and often corroborate each other. The GOP has no opposing narrative that makes any kind of coherent sense, and the witnesses testimony is so clear cut that they can’t find anything to impeach. Instead, their questions only tend to buttress the direct testimony, and their attempts to manage to wriggle Martian invasion conspiracy theories only allows the witnesses to school them up in reality. But these hearings will continue to be both informative as well as entertaining. Informative as the upcoming witnesses continue to tie Trump tighter and tighter to his criminal activity, and entertaining as we watch the Republicans continue to take pratfall after pratfall as if their shoelaces were tied together. Don’t touch that dial.

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Lies and conspiracies are all they’ve got.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

I’m hooked , I watch the hell out of it !