The GOP’s Newest “Messaging” Problem

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OK, first things first, let’s set up the ground rules here. As GOP retarded parakeets like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz already know, depositions are not the same thing as hearings. In a congressional hearing, committee members take turns either asking 5 minutes of questions of the witness, or spend 5 minutes on a self serving filibuster with a question mark at the end of it. In a deposition, staff lawyers for both parties question the witness. Committee members are welcome to sit in, and ask their own questions once the staff questioning is over with.

This simple fact lays waste to Jordan’s latest verbal fart about how a Saturday deposition is such an imposition on the GOP members. Nobody actually has to show up, they can just read the transcript on Monday, the same as all of the other depositions. The far more important point is that GOP ballot leeches are not denying Democratic assertions that GOP committee members are showing up to listen to the deposition testimony, and ask their own questions. So much for being “shut out” of the process.

This participation is important, because it draws into sharp focus the latest messaging problem that the GOP House slugs are having with the Impeachment inquiry. Democratic members, upon exiting the deposition, while refusing to go into specific topics or testimony, are saying things like, “This was a powerful and credible witness,” or “The witness’s testimony was both damning and disturbing.” GOP members leaving the deposition are not stopping to say to the cameras, “What a con job, a complete waste of my time!” or “I’ve never heard such lame bullshit in my life.” This is because the GOP critters are scurrying out a back door so that nobody can actually see that they were ever there in the first place. Plausible deniability I guess.

But this is what makes the GOP response different this time, and why the GOP mealy mouths are having so much trouble defending Traitor Tot. In the Mueller investigation, the GOP, especially the House GOP, went with a three pronged approach. That approach was to obstruct, deceive, and vilify. First, obstruct witnesses from showing up to testify, either for Mueller, or later for the Democratic run committees. Second, deceive the public. Come right out and lie their asses off about what witnesses said, knowing full well that Mueller would not refute them publicly. And third, vilify the witnesses as “angry partisan Democrats,” or “Never Trump human scum!” And it worked like a charm, simply because everybody played their little assigned in this GOP daytime drama.

But it isn’t working this time, on any front. Obstruction isn’t working, because witnesses are responding to subpoenas and showing up to testify, and White House or cabinet officers demands be damned. Second, they can’t deceive, mainly because most of the witnesses are publicly releasing their own opening statements, which present a pretty sweeping overview of what they’ll discuss more fully in their deposition testimony. And they can’t vilify either, mainly because these witnesses are different.

Omit the original whistle blower from this equation, he or she has become largely superfluous at this point. Almost every other single witness that has been subpoenaed, and has shown up to testify is either a direct appointee by His Lowness himself or appointed, presumably with dispensation from on high, by a Trump cabinet secretary or department head. How credible would it sound for Trumpkins to slam people that The Pampers President himself appointed as “partisan hacks,” or “Never Trumpers!”? They could certainly do it, but it kinda makes Da Boss look like a total twink, doesn’t it?

That’s why you see see the House Trumplets reduced to juvenile stunts like the 70’s style “sit in” at the Deans office the other day. They can’t logically use any of the tactics they used to such good effect the last time around. And worst of all, they can’t use their fallback position either, which is to simply parrot Trump talking points like a bunch of parrots that the pet store couldn’t sell. And there’s a damn good reason why they can’t do that this time. And the reason is Trump himself.

Never mind the hysterical psycho babble that Trump tiny thumbs out on Twitter. Trombies in Robert Hall suits can parrot Glorious Bleater all they want about the traitorous tactics of the whistle blower, but when reporters ask them about Trump’s own words on the call summary that Trump himself provided to the media, they kind of run into a brick wall. don’t they. Full speed. Nose first.

This is why you’ll only see more lame ass antics from the GOP as the inquiry heats up. And this is also why there is already rumbling in Washington hitting the media’s ears that the congressional GOP leadership is seriously considering having GOP staff lawyers question the witnesses at the upcoming public testimony debacles. Because who would you rather have questioning Ambassador Maria Yovanocivh, Jim Jordan, or a 4 year old reading a Barney the Dinosaur book? Me too. The four year old, every time.

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“ GOP retarded parakeets like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz ” I like that. They do parrot Troglodyte tRump but I more fiends think of those two as tRump’s House catamites.


People said they’re going to put a breathalyzer on the door of the chamber to keep Matt Gaetz out.

chris whitley
chris whitley

One has to wonder how much more that Jordan and Gaetz can bleat out. The one constant is how stupid they look. And if the republicans leadership let’s these morons anywhere near a microphone and the witnesses they will get what they deserve in my opinion. Pink slip, good luck in your next job.