Republicans are brilliant at one thing: Branding Democrats. Certainly, it helps to be unhampered by such inconveniences as truth or accuracy. Repeat a mantra loud and often enough and — Voila! — their zombie cult believes the sky has turned from blue to pink.

Most Dems — not all, admittedly — tend toward accusations of a more verifiable nature. But, drat! Ethics and integrity place us at a distinct disadvantage in this battle of the brands. And, to handicap our team even further, the disgraced, twice-impeached, former president showed his gang of thieves how to rip off our best buzzwords — i.e. co-opting hot-button terms like Fake News — and hurl them back in our direction like poop grenades. It’s Trump’s version of what-about-ism, used to defuse enemy fire, put up a smoke screen, and evade any and all culpability.

But, still, they keep providing us with more and more ammo…  

And now, unsurprisingly, Republican Senators have laid yet another valuable gift in our laps, by taking a posture that even those lying dickheads couldn’t possibly twist to their benefit. And, if Dems are smart — and willing to pounce with an unrelenting barrage of concise, targeted messaging — we might just be in a whole lot better shape come the 2022 midterms.

(Of course, when one considers our spotty history in this regard, there is no guarantee we can pull it off.)

But, let’s give it the ol’ college try. What d’ya say?

Democrats came up with a simple, logical way to finance the Senate’s bi-partisan $1 Trillion infrastructure bill without raising taxes!:

Why not, they proposed, supply the IRS with the resources to shake down wealthy tax evaders?

But, Rob Portman (R-OH), the GOP’s lead negotiator on the legislation, says his colleagues can’t go for that. Why? Because, they whine, the IRS unfairly targets conservatives.

So, in essence, they’re admitting right out loud that the majority of tax cheats are Republicans. Not only do these unscrupulous sewer snakes consistently refuse to ask their rich donors to fork over their fair share of taxes — you know, to pay for such extravagances as repairing and maintaining our roads and bridges — they refuse to force them to cough up the enormous largess they’ve been chiseling the treasury out of for fucking forever.  

Merry Christmas, Dems!

The GOP just hung itself like an elephant-sized birthday party piñata.

And all we have to do is grab a messaging stick and pummel that paper maché pachyderm relentlessly, while millions of furious, hard-working voters tumble into the blue column.

Our message might be as simple as this:

Republicans care much more about rich tax cheaters than they do about roads and bridges.

Sure, it could be tweaked. But, bottom line, once again, Republicans have given Dems all the ammo we’ll ever need. So, let’s not squander this opportunity! 

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