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Ya know, in these dark days of national peril and global instability, sometimes you just need a lighter moment to get through it. Well, thass me, Dr. Feelgood. And this should brighten your day.

If you don’t cover this shit closely like I do, you may well not know the name James O’Keefe. But you’ve certainly heard “of” him, and his work. I like to think of him, and his operation, Project Veritas, as this generations White House Plumbers from the Nixon scandal. Dirty tricks and trying to be all James Bond and shit.

Here’s  just a quick stroll down memory lane where James is concerned. O’Keefe is the conservative puddlehead that 9 years ago executed the scam that took down community organizing group ACORN. In the highly edited videos, he dressed up like a stereotype pimp with a compatriot, Hanna Giles, dressed up as a hooker, trying to scam ACORN volunteers into compromising positions. The “undercover” video were heavily edited, he posed in getup in front of the offices, but actually walked in dressed normally, in slacks and a shirt. He was so successful with this shit that to this day, every GOP budget specifically calls for defunding ACORN, even though the group has been disbanded for years. He is also the political version of Mel Brooks who set up the mind boggling Planned Parenthood sting video, misleading and cretively editing undercover video to make it appear as if PP was selling fetal body parts from a bucket in a back alley somewhere. This was the video that made Carly Fiorina look like a brain dead troll in the GOP primaries for insisting on the debate stage that she had seen a revolting video that didn’t even exist.

But not every scam goes off perfectly. Laas year he became famous for running a test scam phone call on a George Soros funded liberal non profit group in New York, but didn’t bother to hang up the phone properly, and laid the entire mechanics of the scam into the ear of the volunteers ear while he lectured other people in the office with him. O’Keefe would be nothing more than a comic book caricature if he didn’t have the funny habit of making supposedly sane GOP politicians fall hook, line and sinker for his sophomoric stunts.

But now it appears that O’Keefe isn’t just never going to win a Pulitzer prize for undercover journalism, he’s multi talented. Turns out he’s a heavy duty all purpose fuck up.He used hi notoriety in directing and acting in Inspector Clouseau political videos to start a non profit group, Project Veritas to do nothing but pump this shit out. But the Daily Beast is reporting that in this case, life really does imitate art, with O’Keefe once again managing to sting himself.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has started the necessary proceedings to strip Project Veritas of it’s non profit status in New York state, which would bar it from soliciting or receiving donations in New York state. The reason? In filing its paperwork, Project Veritas affirmed that no high officer had ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. O’Keefe is the groups President, and pled guilty to a count of illegally entering government property under false pretenses in a failed scam to sting then LA Senator Mary Landrieu. This would be a problem for PO’Keefe and Project Veritas, since he lives in New York, and the group is headquartered there.

The groups defense is right out of one of his Keystone Kops undercover videos. They say it doesn’t matter, because O’Keefe wasn’t a major factor in fundraising at that time. Look, James O’Keefe IS Project Veritas, he is the creative force in the groups work, and the whole thing sprang from his fame in conservative circles for coming up with amateur sting videos that newborn puppies wouldn’t believe. Without James O’Keefe, there is no Project Veritas. Eric Schneiderman must be assigning one of his law clerks to handle his light work on this one.

I love stories like this. Idjits like James O’Keefe shine a bright spotlight, not on liberal corruption, but on the blatant stupidity of GOP politicians who lap his shit up like cream, and then look mental midgets trying to make people who actually passed kindergarten believe it. Fear not, there is hope for us all.

Bonus Crappy Joke of the Day!

Q: What do you do to an elephant with three balls?

A: Walk him and pitch to the rhino with a fresh count instead.

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