The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Impeachment Edition

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 24: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order establishing regulatory reform officers and task forces in US agencies in the Oval Office of the White House on February 24, 2017 in Washington, DC. Earlier in the day, Trump stated he would cut 75 percent of regulations. (Photo by Olivier Douliery - Pool/Getty Images)

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there’s no good news. The good news is that that’s all the bad news there is.

The vote on the resolution that passed the House Rules committee yesterday will formalize the next steps in the seemingly neverending impeachment process of Emperor Numbus Nuttus. And as we open that door, here’s a brief status report on what baggage we’re carrying through the check in line with us.

The Good – You all know that I have been positively gushing about how the Democrats finally took advantage and seized the narrative from the GOP on the Trump-Ukraine scandal, and how effectively they did it. You can see the results every day, the GOP is flailing to try to find a coherent message with which to Defend Glorious Bleater.

Well, the good news is that the Democrats have gotten even better. They have a catch phrase for this investigation that is devastating. If you’re over 40, and anybody says to you, “Mikey likes it!”, your mind immediately conjures up a box of LIFE cereal. If I say to the same person, “Be like Mike,” Michael Jordan’s impishly grinning face immediately springs to mind. Some slogans just become iconic for their generation.

And for this political generation, The ABC’s of Impeachment is just such a slogan. It’s catchy, it’s memorable, and it’s easy to understand. For the last 24 hours, every Democrat who has gone before a camera has gone to great pains to mention and fully explain it. And the media is doing their part as well, that story has been a part of the A-Bloc every hour yesterday on MSNBC and CNN. If the Democrats keep hammering this home, The ABC’s of Impeachment will become the Death Panels for Granny of this fight. It’s what will motivate, and move the needle on public opinion. The Democrats have found their unifying message for the upcoming impeachment battle.

The Bad – The Democrats are starting to micro manage, and if they’re not careful, it could cost them. By sanctifying the impeachment procedures today with a vote, the Democrats are signaling that they’re ready to move on to the next phase. So, quit dicking around and fucking move on with it already! The whistle blower’s complaint was serious, and eye catching. And when they found a corroborating witness, Trump’s impeachment was basically sealed as far as the House was concerned.

Look, we get it already. First there was the whistle blower’s complaint. Then we found a witness that corroborated the complaint. And then we found another witness that corroborated the corroboration for the whistle blower’s complaint. And now we are working on at least the sixth generation of corroboration of the whistle blower’s complaint. Enough already!

Look, the complaint is simple, it’s easy to understand. You now have more than enough corroborating witnesses for the original allegations. Move on with it. If you take a Chrysler van, you can add a racing stripe, slick chrome wheels and hubcaps, and spoilers front and back, but guess what? It’s still a fucking minivan, not a Ferrari! Saying something once is informational. Saying it twice is a reminder. Starting with the third time, it’s called nagging. People want to see and hear the evidence, not hear about how much more of the same evidence you’re collecting, be done with the hugger mugger and get on with it. Remember my saying The lady doth protest too much, methinks. They’re risking looking like they don’t trust the strength of their own case.

The Ugly – This one is unfortunate, but obvious. It’s Trump, and all of the little Trumplets. Unfortunately, having no sane information or logic with which to defend El Pendejo Presidente, the GOP is once again going to jump into the mosh pit and go for as much destruction as they can, since their base are the kind of people who go to NASCAR races to root for fatal crashes.

Their problem is one that up until now had been reserved for Democrats. Democrats have thrown shit all over the place for two years now, but nothing stuck to Teflon Don. Well, with this Ukraine scandal, the Democrats have a Teflon pan of their own, and they’re about to clobber Trump and the GOP over the head with it. But it won’t make any difference. This could also end up backfiring on the GOP, since most of the non political witnesses are highly likely to come across as simple, honest civil servants, doing their duty to their country. Beating up on these people would look like bullying people trying to do the right thing which will thrill Trombies, but piss everybody else off.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was right, this will be nothing but divisive for the country. When the GOP stood silently by after Trump’s atrocious comments after Charlottesville, or worse yet, mealy mouthed defenses of his comments, they plighted their troth. That was the suicide pact they signed, right there. They will go down with Trump because they have no choice. And that moment is fast approaching.

Don’t get me wrong. Personally, I believe that the final impeachment tally in the Senate will be anywhere from 51-54 votes to impeach Trump and remove him from office. Far short of what is needed to excise this cancer, but it will allow a handful of wimpy ass Republicans to console themselves with the fact that they pretended to have a conscience. Sadly, that’s the best we can do until next November.

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