MSNBC / YouTube How President Donald Trump Gets Those...
MSNBC / YouTube

Nobody with a modicum of life experience believes that Donald Trump is actually 6’3” and only 239 pounds — and even if he was, he would be just one pound away from first stage obesity. Also, there’s a contradiction as to Trump’s height here, since his New York State driver’s license, issued when he was 65, records his height as 6’2”.  Are there growth hormones in the french fries, perhaps? 

Trump has lied about his education, his finances, and comments he has made that were overheard by rooms full of people. We won’t even bring up collusion or any other incendiary topics. 

Watch this 90 second video to see what 6’3” 239 looks like in the real world (and granted, muscle weighs more than fat) then decide if you’re a “girther.”  

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