The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Forever?

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 04: U.S. President Donald Trump (C) congratulates House Republicans after they passed legislation aimed at repealing and replacing ObamaCare, during an event in the Rose Garden at the White House, on May 4, 2017 in Washington, DC. The House bill would still need to be passed by the Senate before it could be signed into law. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Oops, I did it again   Brittney Spears

Because he will never take the safe way, never admit to an error, never think before he speaks, never think anything through before he acts, and most of all because he will never shut up!, both myself as well as a whole lot of other people like to refer to El Pendejo Presidente as The gift that keeps on giving. But according to one senior GOP strategist, we may not even know the half of it yet.

A little earlier this evening, Kasie Hunt had veteran GOP strategists Matt Gorman and Michael Steele on Kasie DC. Kasie had run the chat through the current map, polling, and apparent difficulties facing GOP Senators up for reelection this year with Trump on the ballot. Then she moved on to the fact that Trump is already laying the groundwork for claiming in case he loses, and the possible embarrassment to the GOP if he refuses to concede. And that’s when Matt Gorman dropped a neutron bomb onto the set.

He told Kasie something like, Kasie, that doesn’t really bother me. Whether he admits defeat and leaves, or whether he has to be escorted onto Marine 1 by the Secret Service on January 20th, either way he is not going to go quietly into that good night. For me the real fun begins on January 21st, when we see what Trump does next.

Then he went into detail, and those details were cogent, intelligent, well thought out, and have to scare the living shit out of the GOP. His point was that Trump is an insecure national media whore, and even if he loses in November, will consider himself some sort of GOP elder statesman, or some such shit. Trump has already explored the option of starting up his own television network, and may in fact make that his platform. Or he could get his own show on FUX News, or at least be a frequent contributor. Or he could land at the Sinclair network. But wherever he lands, he will continue to tweet like 1000 bastard maniacs, and those tweets will be full of grievance.

Which brings us to 2022. Trump will have two years to fester, and he’ll be loaded for bear. Through tweets, and from whatever other platforms he’s using, he will be vicious in tearing into GOP Governors, Senators, and any surviving House members whom he feels were not sufficiently loyal to him. Two years after his demise, GOP candidates may be faced with the unpalatable choice of having to swear fealty to a deposed madman, just to gain access to his base. And if he’s still alive and kicking in 2024, what’s to say that Trump won’t at least threaten, if not follow through and run for his second term on the GOP ticket?

This is truly an apocalyptic scenario for The Lincoln Project, as well as the remnants of the traditional GOP that still exist out there. How do you begin to re-brand, retool, and rebuild when the disaster you’re trying to recover from is still plowing through the house like an 800 lb gorilla? It’s kind of hard to recover from cancer surgery when the damn doctor didn’t get the cancer out in the first place. Also senseless.

The real tipping point in this possible crisis will be the tenacity and loyalty of the Trump base. If Trump loses in November, then come January 21st, he can rant and rave and tweet all he wants, he’s out of the game. In a Democratic administration, his words will carry no import, and his antics no action. If Trump’s followers come to see him as a non entity in a new political world, then they may very well pack up their tents and go home.

On the other hand, if Trump instead turns around and declares a jihad on the mainstream GOP, then the GOP is fucked. After all, Trump supporters hate the Republican party, Trump brainwashed them all into thinking that the national party was trying to bring him down. If Trump convinces them that they can return him to power, and themselves to glory by fighting the GOP that betrayed them all, then they will be with him as long as he’s alive. And the GOP will be fighting them for as long as he’s alive.

I always knew that even if Trump lost in November, come 2021 he’d still be a filthy, foul mouthed, bigoted pain in the ass. But one can always console ones self with the knowledge that it’s nothing more than the disjointed sour grapes of a sore loser. But if Matt Gorman is right, then all bets are off. Because in 2021 and 2022, while the Democrats are pushing merrily away at a progressive agenda, especially if the Senate flips, the national GOP and its incumbents are going to be far too busy trying to fend off Trump to put up a unified front against the Democrats. And another Trump inspired debacle in 2022 could damn near strand the GOP in the wilderness forever. And here you thought that everything would go back to normal if Biden wins. For us maybe.

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The way I see it after the orangutan baby gets deposed he’ll be facing jail time and like Epstein nobody will want their name associated with him.


Yupp, Donald is pulling HARD TIME!!! As will the lion’s share of his cabinet. I’d like to see most of the Senate also join Donald, though I’m hoping we get our own version of the Bridge of London so we can put Mitch McConnell’s and William Barr’s heads on pikes as a warning to future political scumbags.

Wow, all those people in that pic, are either dead or fired after two years.So who lead the nation during that time , they were a mess. Trump doesn9 know how to face anything. COWARD, hides everywhere, slanders Dems. And will sell us out to Russia or who ever is the highest bidder for trump can deport to that country to avoid prison. He is using every dollar for his gain that is factual. Besides 130 million tax payer money playing golf. He stated that Obama played more, fact wrong trump has doubled dollars spent on golf in 4 years… Read more »

Donnie’s endorsements haven’t been much use to quite a few candidates. Looking forward to Federal Treason charges as well as NY dropping the hammer on him.