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Donald Trump’s approval ratings have plummeted after he made the decision to shut down the federal government as a reaction to criticism from Fox News and encouragement from Ann Coulter to go nuclear for his dumb wall. Donald Trump is known to obsessively watch cable news, and today is likely no different. He only has one event on his schedule, a private lunch with Mike Pence. That leaves a lot of Fox News time, and the faces of Fox News have realized just how much sway they have and how much they are damaging Donald Trump. For instance, Brian Kilmeade actually said that Donald Trump needs to learn how to ignore Brian Kilmeade, because even Brian Kilmeade has come to realize his advice is terrible.

He dings Ann Coulter as well, with good reason. She recently bragged that she advised Trump on immigration and encouraged him to go all-in for the wall. In short, Coulter ordered the code red to shut down the government.

After Trump caved, Coulter went after his manhood on Twitter.

And now Fox News is coming for Coulter. These snakes deserve each other.

In the other clip above, Newt Gingrich brings out the knives for Coulter, saying, “She’s off here in some fantasyland where she gets to be noisy, which helps her sell books.” Given that Gingrich is listed as the author of 45 different book titles, he knows a lot about conservative fantasyland and being noisy for the purpose of selling books.

To be clear, these folks are using Fox News to speak directly to Donald Trump, begging him to ignore their ideas and criticism. It’s pathetic, and it only further emphasizes how adrift Donald Trump is, with no values, morals, or ethics to guide him, only the plastic faces of Fox News. 2020 cannot get here soon enough.

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  1. Newt Gingrich: President Trump “should not pay any attention to Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter’s never run for office, she doesn’t know anything about how you put a majority together. She’s off here in some fantasyland where she gets to be noisy which helps her sell books.”

    WTF Donald Trump’s never been anything other than a carpet-bagging snake oil salesman, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground much less anything about how you put a government together. He’s out there in some fantasyland where he gets off on himself and tries to con more money off the U.S. taxpayer and is just an overall dickhead on a good day.


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