Would somebody tell Manchin and Sinema that their precious filibuster is already as good as dead? It passed away along with all that traditional senatorial comity and bonhomie that they are stubbornly trying to preserve. Dudes, we are at war, and have been for a while now. The Allies didn’t leave the bridges of France intact so as not to disturb their beauty and functionality. Hell no, they blew them up so that Nazi’s couldn’t march across them.

Here’s what the Republicans will do regarding the filibuster. They will employ it to protect their minority party’s ruthless voter suppression, gerrymandering and blatant cover-ups of insurrection. Then they will toss it away like a used condom once they’ve taken power.

Moscow Mitch has already snipped away at the Jim Crow era relic, removing it for Supreme Court votes. Once they have gained the power they so overtly lust after, there is no way on Earth the Trumpublicans will keep around something that gets in the way of their greatest goal: maintaining that power. It means one party rule. Anything that helps the minority party at that point will be summarily removed, along with, eventually if they get their way, the other party itself.

There was a time, up until a few years ago, that this kind of talk would be cautioned for being hyperbolic. But the GQP has promoted an insurrection, voted to disavow an election and then used the filibuster to cover up anything shedding light on their dirty deeds. They have proven that they can’t be trusted, that they have nothing but disdain for the rules and can only be expected to shamelessly cheat and lie to reach their goals.

These idiots want America to be an autocracy like Russia.

They have to be stopped.

And Manchin and Sinema must be prevented at all cost from either foolishly, or cravenly, allowing these seditionists to continue using their most powerful weapon, one that they will destroy without a second thought once the other side gets a chance to use it.

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