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A Parkland, Florida parent—who tragically lost his son in a mass school shooting this year—is turning art into a way to raise voter awareness about the urgent need for sensible gun laws.

Manuel Oliver, the father of Joaquin “Guac,” who was one of 17 people killed inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, placed the vest on the statue to create “#FearfulGirl.”

Oliver’s organization, Change the Ref, is a nonprofit that uses urban art to creatively confront and expose the mass shooting impacts in the country.

The goal of #FearfulGirl is to promote sensible gun laws before Tuesday’s elections, according to a statement from the organization.

The Fearless Girl, with a bulletproof vest, becomes the the #FearfulGirl.

What a powerful and haunting image. Hopefully this image of the Fearful Girl will reach people who need reminders of the importance to vote.

She’s a stark reminder that the Republican Party has done and will continue to do absolutely nothing about gun violence, beyond offering up hollow and meaningless prayers. We must vote them all out, so we can make real change and start working on gun laws that will protect our children and make a real difference. It’s just one of the crucial issues that must drive us to force this blue wave.

You can help—Vote on November 6.

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