The Epstein – Mar-a-Lago Connection

Evidently Jeffrey Epstein used a cadre of female “recruiters” to find and train his underage victims.  I was curious as to why with all the reporting the names of these women recruiters have been withheld.  Well, the Wall Street Journal has a fascinating piece on Epstein’s chief recruiter — NY City socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.  Evidently Ms Maxwell not only sought out the girls for her boss, she also participated in the abuse:

Ms. Maxwell, 57 years old, has been accused by three women in affidavits and other court filings of recruiting young women for Mr. Epstein and training them for sex. Two of the women have alleged that Ms. Maxwell, together with Mr. Epstein, sexually assaulted them, according to the filings.

Where did Ms. Maxwell find her young victims?  Here’ s where it gets interesting. One of the young women, Virginia Giuffrey, is suing  Ms. Maxwell and reveals this in her complaint:

That lawsuit was brought in 2015 by Virginia Giuffre, who has alleged for years that Ms. Maxwell recruited her to be sexually exploited by Mr. Epstein when she was a minor. She has said Ms. Maxwell first approached her in 2000 around her 17th birthday while she was working as a changing-room assistant at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, which was then and remains owned by President Trump.

Just a coincidence?  Or did Trump alert his pal Epstein about underage “talent” on his resort staff?

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It’ll be interesting to see all the names on the clientele list….. Prepare for red faced liars and deniers.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
…Keep our eyes and ears open folks , because this may lead to “Trumps downfall” . ..It all depends on what’s in Epstein’s “little black book “( more like a sears catalog) , of big important , people doing bad things. ..:For whatever it’s worth , Epstein knew this day would come ,and he probably prepared according !! ..There’s probably enough damaging information in that “book” , to bring down Nations .. Epstein is an internationalist. Which means he contributed to the delinquency to many leaders and connected people , all over the world . First of all , Israel… Read more »