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There is no classier team than the Steelers. The city loves them and they love their city. They spoke a million words with what they did today.

From the Washington Post:

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, the murder of 11 worshipers in the city’s Tree of Life synagogue was intensely personal, especially because Tree of Life’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood also happens to be where their head coach lives.”

So it was no surprise that on Tuesday, as the first funerals began, a contingent of about 100 members of the team — including Coach Mike Tomlin, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and injured linebacker Ryan Shazier — came to the Rodef Shalom Temple on their off-day to pay respects to David and Cecil Rosenthal, whose sister Michele formerly worked for the team.

It was tough. It was crazy tough, especially with Michele and the closeness we have with her,” Roethlisberger said after Sunday’s game. “I told the guys during the postgame prayer, we’re thankful for the victory, but we also understand there are bigger things — there’s life. I’m glad we could gift people three hours with a break.”

If you know about what happened to Ryan Shazier, you may find this especially touching –

Shows what a group of stand-up people the Steelers are.

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