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Peter King over at Sports Illustrated has the controversial and heartwarming story of a professional football team, filled with ungrateful professional athletes complaining about racial injustice, registering to vote—like a bunch of commies!

Surprise! Registering to vote is controversial. The Dolphins announced late in the week that all 75 players under contract to the team—active, injured reserve and practice squad—are now registered to vote, either in Florida or in the place they consider their permanent home. I spoke to one of the first-time registered voters, 23-year-old running back Kenyan Drake, on Saturday for this column, and then praised the Dolphins on Twitter for their efforts to make their players more enlightened citizens. Drake first, then our populace.

This all transpired after the Dolphins brought in Martin Luther King III to speak about the importance of voting, which moved Drake and others to get their voter registration in gear.

I asked Drake about the importance of one more voter—and he says he’ll definitely be one now, in the state of Florida. “It’s not just about the national elections,” he said. “It’s about the local elections too. The people we elect locally are important in our lives too.”

Remember: if voting didn’t matter, the Republican Party wouldn’t spend so much time and energy and resources trying to make sure you can’t vote.

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