The Enemy Of My Enemy Is…My Long Term Ally

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I love Nicolle Wallace. Her two hour Deadline: White House is a joy to watch. The two hour format allows her to go into deeper depth on more stories, and her ability to explain positions from the view of a former GOP campaign worker and White House aide nicely offsets her total disgust for all things Trump.

But on both Thursday and Friday of last week, with two different panels, she shared her worst nightmare scenario. Her fear was that we are now within 50 days of the election, and she knows from experience that in the last 50 days, the GOP has the nasty habit of turning into the fictional Robert Ludlum character Jason Bourne. They become stone cold assassins, eliminating every threat in their way until they achieve their goals.

In any other year, under similar circumstances, I would agree with Nicolle wholeheartedly. But this time I can’t. Because this time Trump is the candidate, and the paradigm has shifted. The Trump campaign this year is not going to suddenly morph into a bunch of Jason Bourne’s, for the simple reason that all of the GOP Jason Bourne’s are already working for The Lincoln Project! The Trump campaign and RNC, plus their aligned Super PAC’s are so idiotic they couldn’t tie their own shoes, even if their Mommies were helping them.

And I can prove it. I tend to have the television set on pretty much every day from about 10 am until 9 at night, normally on either CNN, or more likely MSNBC. And you know what I’m not seeing? I’m not seeing any Adam’s-apple-gouging, ball-kicking, kidney-punching attack ads against Joe Biden. Not from Trump, not from the RNC, and not from Trump aligned Super PAC’s. There are a scattering of lame ass positive ads from the Trump campaign, but that’s it. A couple of months ago there were a handful of attack ads thrown at Biden, but they were so weak that they were pulled as not being worth the money to air.

All of the GOP Jason Bourne’s are busy putting out brutal Trump attack ads for The Lincoln Project. Talk about a blessing worth its weight in gold. Let me show you what I mean. Close your eyes for a moment, and think of any Lincoln Project ad that you’ve seen on television. Now, Now change the name and the face over to that of Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris. How much fun would that be? Those are the kind of stone cold assassins Nicolle is worrying about, but fortunately, they’re all busy providing friendly fire exercises right now.

And the best part is, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Don’t take my word for it, it’s right in their charter. The Lincoln Project is devoted to the defeat of Donald Trump and Trumpism. These guys want to recreate an honorable, conservative party once Trump is defeated, and they know that the only way to do that is to scrape all of that Trumpian shit off of the walls. And they’re not going to stop until the job is done.

All of these Trump slavish GOP Senators who are up for reelection in  2022, as well as the Trombie GOP Governors who followed trump down the rabbit hole of early reopening, who think that they’re going to skate by if Trump is defeated are delusional. I can see The Lincoln Project backing primary runs against these slobs by more centrist Republicans. And I’m sure that they already have a well stocked library of material for killer attack ads, both in the primaries, as well as the general campaign in 2022 and 2024.

There is nothing more dangerous than a true believer on a mission. These people want to rebuild their party back to respectability, and nothing is going to stop them. And the best part is, that for at least the next two to four years, while these guys are busy cleaning house, none of our candidates are going to be going up against those killer ads. Man, talk about leveling the playing field!

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