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The Economist magazine is out with a new issue and they are not holding back. First see the cover, them jump below for the highlights (or lowlights):

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The Economist editorial continued with a brutal takedown of an obviously morally bankrupt person:

Mr. Trump’s inept politics stem from a moral failure. Some counter-demonstrators were indeed violent, and Mr. Trump could have included harsh words against them somewhere in his remarks. But to equate the protest and the counter-protest reveals his shallowness. Video footage shows marchers carrying fascist banners, waving torches, brandishing sticks and shields, chanting “Jews will not replace us.” Footage of the counter-demonstration mostly shows average citizens shouting down their opponents. And they were right to do so: white supremacists and neo-Nazis yearn for a society based on race, which America fought a world war to prevent. Mr. Trump’s seemingly heartfelt defense of those marching to defend Confederate statues spoke to the degree to which white grievance and angry, sour nostalgia is part of his world view.

At the root of it all is Mr. Trump’s temperament. In difficult times a president has a duty to unite the nation. Mr. Trump tried in Monday’s press conference, but could not sustain the effort for even 24 hours because he cannot get beyond himself. A president needs to rise above the point-scoring and to act in the national interest. Mr. Trump cannot see beyond the latest slight. Instead of grasping that his job is to honour the office he inherited, Mr. Trump is bothered only about honouring himself and taking credit for his supposed achievements.

The editorial also said now is the time for Republican leaders to take a stand, for the good of the nation, and denounce Trump and all the hatred he is stirring up. I’d take it one step further and say they need to begin the process of impeaching him. The nation cannot sustain 3.5 more years of an incompetent, racist leader.

Read the full shredding of Donald Trump here.

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