The DOJ exempts Trump’s Hotels from ban on Foriegn payments

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From the Guardian:…

The Department of Justice has adopted a narrow interpretation of a law meant to bar foreign interests from corrupting federal officials, giving Saudi Arabia, China and other countries leeway to curry favor with Donald Trump via deals with his hotels, condos, trademarks and golf courses, legal and national security experts say.

Basically, the DOJ is changing over 150 years of precedent to allow trump and his hotels to receive money from foreign governments.

We now have a DOJ bought and paid for us but working for Trump, and following Trump’s attorneys bidding:

The justice department stance now closely parallels arguments made in a January 2017 position paper by Trump Organization lawyer Sheri Dillon and several of her law partners. On 11 January 2017, just days before he was sworn in, Dillon said Trump isn’t accepting any payments in his “official capacity” as president, as the income is only related to his private business. “Paying for a hotel room is not a gift or a present, and it has nothing to do with an office,” Dillon said.

If anyone does not realize at this point how dangerous trump is for our Country…well…..

You know what though if these SOBs think they got us licked…..that is not gonna happen. Never.

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