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I mean, that whole regime was a joke so I didn’t take this seriously when I first heard it.

The Diet Coke button was a real thing.  Biden had it removed.

Can we imagine the conversation the staff setting up the Oval Office had:

STAFFER: Okay, all the paintings are settle.  Got the carpet.  Now, what would you like when you press the red button”

BIDEN: I’m sorry, the what?

STAFFER: Well, there’s a red button he pushes and currently a butler brings in a Diet Coke on a silver tray and we need to know what you want…




STAFFER: Okay, we’re gonna lose the button.

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  1. When I first read an internet post on the button, I thought it was a meme.

    What color were the buttons for cheeseburgers and starting WWW3? I hope they weren’t next to each other.


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