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I am angry. I have been in a creative slump. I have watched this poster child for a prophylactic and it just doesn’t seem real. I think to myself how could a human being be so detached from reality? And this snowflake actually was a star of a reality tv show. What were they thinking?

This has been like that instant everyone has at least heard about if they haven’t experienced it. It’s that moment when you are watching cars on the road and you see what you know is not going to end well. Where the cars are racing along and they are going to crash. Although you want desperately to turn your head or close your eyes, you are already hypnotized and are physically unable to do anything but watch the disaster unfold.  This is exactly where we are right now.

Now to walk you through my world. I have numerous injuries and it’s always entertaining to go to the doctor and answer their questions. My favorite is, “where does it hurt?” I just sit there and ask, “Which injury?” Something along those lines. The way I have come to approach this is I gather articles that are written by other people and I gather in what they have said and put it in my own words. The problem here recently is that my system has suffered a breakdown. Old line in a movie, Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman is a prisoner and the warden is talking about him not conforming to prison life. The warden says, what we have is a failure to communicate. Trump isn’t a pimple on Newman’s ass but I hope you get the comparison.

Many nightmares ago, Trump and Biden squared off in a shit-show that republicans called a debate. I list the GOP first because the Democrats and the rest of the world called it a shit-show that utterly framed our president as a spoiled, little privileged child. People from all over the world have condemned this parody. And much to no one’s surprise, we found out that Trump has tested positive for COVID 19.

And to bring everyone up to date because it will soon be a year since it happened. It’s called COVID 19 because it was discovered in China in 2019. The scientists sent out warnings to different countries that it could become a problem. And it did most spectacularly. Anyway, they cut the funding for a group of scientists working in deplorable conditions that study diseases because the general Chinese people like to cook animals that we wouldn’t even look at. Well maybe under that crash scenario. Anyway, these scientists had found this because it was already affecting the people in this area. So yes, people knew what this was from the start. Now to get back on Trump for a moment. He was specifically told in January that this was not good and he proceeded to downplay the severity of the illness. They have the tapes. The other reason here is that Trump in typical man child, petulant spoiled brat. Has been prancing around. Not doing anything to curb the virus. He finally caught the deadly disease and they whisked him off to the top hospital where he was given specific and strong experimental treatments and he’s supposedly beat the virus in three days. His doctors and White House staff have many different timelines for the morons’ infection. Suffice it to say, Trump knew he was infected and he still went with his normal routine. Even going so far as to tell an aide to keep quiet about him testing positive. I think the moron was dumb enough to think he could hide his infection. The problem with that is that people around him were getting sick and he finally admitted he had it. Him being the president they whisked his lard ass off to the hospital.

Now we have one of the great inequities of the Trump presidencies. You remember, scientists, China. He has been given a cocktail of drugs that the scientists developed in China. Talk about hypocrisy. Trump leans into the subject. Now we only have Trump’s word that he has recovered. We don’t even know for sure he ever had it.

Now, this leads me to an article that I got this morning, “Liberal meltdown over Trump’s COVID 19 recovery“. Like I care what happens to him. I care about the office he holds, but I have nothing for him. Now we have the real information so far in this saga of idiots. Kellyanne Conway’s daughter is upset because she has become infected by her mother who was supposed to have stopped working at the White House. And now we get a snapshot into the underground answers for Trump. Claudia Conway sent messages on TikTok that despite what is going around, Trump is sick and doing badly. He’s still trying to cover up that he’s not well. Kellyanne Conway tried to do damage control on the whole episode but it’s not going anywhere.

Now, what really pisses me off. There is at last count some 210,000 dead Americans. God knows just how many are sick. Then we have our president that at the first sign of infection is whisked off to Walter Reed Medical Center and put in a room that looks like one of the best hotel rooms in Washington. And we have Trump flagrantly disregarding all the safe medical precautions so that he can make himself presidential. He even went so far as to have his secret service detail drive him around so he could wave at his subjects like some third world country. So to set the stage here. Our president was treated by some of the top doctors in the world and he is now flagrantly flaunting that he is better than ever. This while people all across the world are dying while family members are not even given a chance to see their loved ones before they pass over to the other side. These families are stuck with medical bills they have no hope of paying and an empty seat at their dinner table. All during the biggest pandemic and economic downturn in our history. Make America great again.

The GOP, in general, is trying to sabotage the whole medical industry by taking steps to throw one hundred some million people off their insurance when most don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to find a job. The Senate sits there refusing to pass any stimulus plan but has plenty of time to seat a crazy woman on the Supreme Court that will devastate our great nation.

Now do you see why I am angry? I sincerely hope so! There is only one solution. Get out to vote however you can make! We need to defeat this clown and as many of his henchmen in the Senate and anywhere else they might be hiding. And I do mean hiding as most refuse to talk to any member of the press.

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  1. Great essay, Chris. tRump’s episode of drama at Walter Reed will soon hit the silver screen as “Flight of the Do-Do”!

  2. Thanks Chris for an extremely honest article. Our Asshole and
    thief and the gop could give a rats ass about Americans and
    what where going through. Now frumps immune to COVID and
    The gop won’t pass anything to help the COVID situation it’s time Americans wake up and vote theses idiots out

  3. Are there any statistics regarding how many of those who died of CV19, did so at home without ever seeing a dr? and of those who’ve been treated by a physician, what percentage had insurance?


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