The Department of Energy secretly shipped 1,000 pounds of plutonium to Nevada—and lied about it

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Governor Rick Perry / Flickr

The Department Of Energy, led by noted expert Rick Perry, secretly shipped half a ton of “weapons-grade” plutonium to a site 90 miles from Las Vegas. The shipments came despite decades of objections from state officials and over concerns of both environmental groups and scientists.

The Hill reports information on the shipments only became public because Nevada sued to stop what the state thought were only plans to ship material from South Carolina. But in court, officials learned that sometime before November 2018, Trump and Perry already delivered a gift of 1,000 pounds of plutonium. The dates, means of delivery, or route the plutonium took in crossing the country is still secret.

Driving up the anger-counter is the fact that DOE was continuing to pretend to negotiate with the State of Nevada as if the shipments were still upcoming. While the state government raised objections and thought it was negotiating over how any shipments might be conducted safely, behind the scenes the plutonium was already arriving. As the state’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak made clear, “They lied to the State of Nevada, misled a federal court, and jeopardized the safety of Nevada’s families and environment.” Sisolak declared himself “beyond outraged” by the DOE’s action.

Plans to use one or more sites in Nevada to store nuclear waste and material from across the nation have long been an extremely sensitive subject in the state’s politics. Democrats have expressed concerns about the consequences of everything from environmental damage to potential targeting of facilities by terrorists. Republicans have looked on attempts to turn the state into the nation’s nuclear dump as a states rights issue. And with Nevada’s early position in the 2020 primaries, it seems that more than just radioactive heat is likely to be turned in this issue.

Neither Trump nor Perry has yet made a statement on the revelation, which came out during court proceedings on Wednesday.

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hummm they should ship this pliutoniom near he FLA. golf course and house.


Ask the people in Andrews, TX, how he turned their area into the largest depository for nuclear waste in the U. S. Bypassed EPA and other agencies and did it anyway. His pocketbook got fatter, just like it did with our toll roads that he had a company from Spain build, and just like it did with his emerging technology businesses. Funds were taken from state retirement systems and from teacher retirement so he could have his buddies start up their companies.

Impeach trump
Impeach trump

Why isn’t anything done about trumpets destructive & deceitful business practices as president? If someone with authority fails to act to correct & stop these actions …..just saying here, people might just reach a breaking
Point and have had enough of trumper