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Flint Hills of Kansas

Yesterday 7/16/21 was another dark day in the annals of the Daily Bucket. I’m about to head out for the day again so I decided to post a string of pics taken over the past couple days. Hope they brighten your day. Our internet has been down for I don’t know how long and just came back on. Hope it lasts long enough for me to get this done.

EDIT: 7/17/21. It didn’t last. We just got another big sky dump that lasted nearly 2 hours. Sure wish one or two of these drenchers would fall over the burning mountain region!

Humming on the rain.
Humming during a break in the rain

Titmouse are permanent residents here and one of my favorites. This one doesn’t have the color others have. Maybe a youngster, but it already has a nice topknot!

Black Cap Chickadee
This Black Cap is another of our full-timers.

Hummingbird ZOOM

Nice when they turn to get the light right. ZOOM

Percher buzzing his wings to be ready for action.
Buzzing his wings to be ready for action. ZOOM

American Finch
I may be soaked but I sure am hungry! 7/17/21

“Hey Mort, think it’s gonna rain?” Rosey, Red, Purple…They’re my House Finches. 7/17/21
That top on is a bright one, right? Slight crop only process. ZOOM

Dragonfly with dinner
Dragonfly with dinner. I posted one like this a few days ago, but I think this one is better.

Peckers peck. That’s what they do. HE could probably peck on this keyboard better than I do!

Nighthawk in the rain
Nighthawk in the rain. The decorative varying patterned imagery of it’s feathers is amazing! ZOOM

GBH going the wrong direction
I was hoping for a real nice GBH shot. Unfortunately it took off on me before I could get in position, so this was the best I could get. 7/17/21. If you want to see a really cool GBH pic check out Jeff’s post in Saturday’s Bucket. It’s a doozy!

You’re all probably tired of my hawk pics, but I’m a hawk guy and can’t resist! This one checks my box!
Imagine if you are a rat. This is the image you see on your last blink!

Who else? CRT on the Wagon Trail. 7/11/21
A favorite of mine from a week or so ago.

RT 7/2/21
Am I dreaming…the sky really is blue? This is the ‘flying off into the sunset’ pic for this diary! ZOOM

Just back from a failed attempt to get over to dad’s place. It is raining so hard the Wagon Trail is flooded in a number of places. Safety of home always feels good. Creeks are raging, river is high. Rain or not I see there are at least six hummers buzzing the feeders. Fun stuff to see on another soggy, dreary, “flood alert” day. As I’m writing this the rain has begun again and internet is back out so I can’t even save what I’ve done. It is getting really dark and we’re still short of noon on this Saturday. This is turning into one of those ‘tie a string around your finger, then try to remember why you did that’ moments. 


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