There are campaigns that are built on building grassroots armies of supporters and donors, ones that allow any attendee to take a picture with the candidate. Then there’s the other kind. Here is Joe Biden, in a Bay Area swing:

Thursday, December 12

Host- XXX


Palo Alto, CA

$10k Sponsor (raise) includes VIP reception before, $2,800 Guest (Includes Picture), $1,000 Friend

Thursday, December 12

Host- Sen. Dianne Feinstein & Richard Blum

Early Evening

San Francisco, CA

$10k Sponsor (raise) includes VIP reception before, $2,800 Guest (Includes Picture), $1000 Friend

Thursday, December 12

Host- XXX


South San Francisco, CA (near airport)

$10k Sponsor (raise) includes VIP reception before, $2,800 Guest (Includes Picture)

Asking $2,800 for a selfie is unconscionable. But it will set you back just $1,000 to get in the room (for the first two events) if you don’t care about a photo. Then again, Biden just had a brutal fundraising quarter, putting into question his ability to even compete past the early states in February.

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  1. This is a shame. Joe Biden has to stoop to this for campaign funding. I’ve read that his grass roots support has pretty much dried up & he went to the super pac money. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t charge her supporters for selfies. Wonder if all those college graduates that live with their parents because they can’t pay school loans & eat too, have that kind of money to get their interests in front of the candidates. Probably not. Joe told his big donors that nothing will fundamentally change for them, and unless it does, we will not have a very progressive agenda, again.

  2. they all d I find it abhorrent that so many who appear to be dems working to tear down each candidate. Keep it up and we will lose dem voters, as well as any potential gop’s who can no longer tolerate what their party has become. We must if we want to see this country turn around #votebluenomatterwho

    • Good choice of words. To much infighting. Just about anybody would beat trump. And that’s the whole point. We need to beat trump.


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